LOGIK L22DVDB20 22" Full HD LCD TV with Built-in DVD Player - Black £159 @ Currys was £199.99

LOGIK L22DVDB20 22" Full HD LCD TV with Built-in DVD Player - Black £159 @ Currys was £199.99

Found 11th Nov 2010
Give your home entertainment a boost with the Logik L22DVDB20 22" Full HD LCD TV with Built-in DVD Player! This cool black television has all the right features to make movies, music, videos and even the news look and sound better! And if you feel like relaxing with your favourite movie, just pop it into the built-in DVD player!

The Logik L22DVDB20 22" Full HD LCD TV with Built-in DVD Player has beautiful 1920x1080 resolution and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. The 2D comb filter along with the 300cd/m2 panel luminance gives you great image quality, no matter which programme you are watching. To support great picture quality, the two 3W speakers with NICAM sound help enhance the whole TV experience! This TV also has a Time Shift feature that lets you watch your favourite programmes at any time that is convenient to you!

This 22" television has HDMI, SCART, SVGA and USB connectivity, as well as Composite and Component inputs to allow you to plug in your various other HD devices. Other details include a parental lock, a sleep timer, Teletext and EPG options. The Logik L22DVDB20 22" Full HD LCD TV with Built-in DVD Player is the ideal option for anyone who wants good sound and image quality, without having to break the bank for it!

Can someone please load the picture!..thanks.
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Seems ok price wise, Full HD and USB record function so it ticks 2 of the boxes anyway. Not sure about Logik brand reliability.
ive just bought one - it was the cheapest one i found - and seems good enough - has full hd which is a bonus
I looking at this for christmas but because of the brand im not sure about it?
Has anyone bought it and can help me make my mind up?
Can anyone tell me if the USB acts as a media player too, i.e. play AVI and XVID file formats from media stored on the memory stick.
the usb does play divx films avi etc. have used my iccle 2gb stick to take films from pc to use on this tv up stairs and works really well, out of about 100 films this tv played about 95 of them not sure why it didnt to the rest, it might have been me.. al in al a big thumbs up for the full he.. another for the price tag.... and another for the usb function that plays divx.... also an added bonus of the dvd player. mine has not got the dvd tho... but still wicked price have not had anything go wrong with mine yet reccomended
Hi guys

Can anyone confirm whether it can output true 1920x1080 as a monitor over VGA.

Have a Technika at present which is meant to but won't (mate has same model which worked on my pc fine)


Does anyone know if this model allows recording of tv programmes onto a USB hard-disk?
Currently offering 10% off today at checkout making it £143.10.

Currently offering 10% off today at checkout making it £143.10.

Why did I find this thread today and not yesterday, grrrrrrrrrrr.
i am thinking about buying it but i am not sure if the picture is very good can anyone tell me if it is worth buying
Hi Im going to sound incredibly stupid here but Im not very technical atall and have just bought the Logik 24" TV with USB port at the back but when I plug my terrabyte hard drive into the TV it does not recognise it and just says 'device not ready' but when i plugged in a tiny Kingston memory stick it automatically recognised it but didnt show up the AVI file I have downloaded to the memory stick. To be fair tho, I actually dont no where I really should be looking for this or if a list or something of whats on the memory stick comes up so hence why Im probably sounding completely thick rite now. Any help atall would be greatly appreciated, I just dont have a clue!! thanks very much!!
The reason it wont work is it needs to be in fat 32 format not ntfs reformat your terrabyte hard drive to fat 32 ad it will work. Hope this helps.
hi we have reformatted the hard drive in fat32 but it still doesn't recognise it. It is a 1tb one, does anyone know how to fix this. We seem to have the same problem as sarah93
Im exactly the same. followed the manual exactly it says can handle up to 1tb. but i just dont think it can
Another thick 'O' Can you connect a vcr (VHS) recorder and play and record analog.

was there an answer to...can you connect a vhs recorder and play and record at the same time??
many thanks
just bought the Logik L22dvdb20 yesterday. I bought it because of its PVR capability. Still trying to get a USB hard drive (band new 500 GB Aldi HD) to sucessfully record a program. It has been formatted in Fat 32 by the TV but is struggling to record. Appears to play AVI files films on a USB 8 Gb stick. If I'm unsucessfull with the HD recording its going back!
Hi i bought the Logik HD 22" LCD tv for my PC and my ps3, but the problem is that when I play a game on the ps3 I cant hear the sound can anyone help?
I bought this tv 3 years ago and it is still going strong I've had no problems at all with it i would highly recommend it in fact both of my brother got one at the same time and all 3 are still like brand new 10/10 also my remote still has the batteries in that came with it
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