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•Capacity: 6 kg
•Spin speed: 1200 rpm
•Quick wash time: 15 minutes
•Energy rating: A+

- Geemac


how much kg can it hold?

It's not LG either it's Logik.

HUGE difference between the two.

Logik rubbish - cold as you got me all excited before letting me down badly!


I'd say take no notice of the 'Logik are rubbish brigade' In these times where most of society want something for pennies, quality will invariably suffer. If you buy a product you may get a dodgy one or you may get a perfect one......you only have to read reviews of high end and low end brands to see there can be trouble with both.

I read a review about the Logik brand and found that some of their models are made by Vestel (who also manufacture for other well known brands) and Daewoo.

If it lasts 2-3 years ....hey ho.

i used to work for currys delivering and installing all their machines.
logik is second to currys essentials in the 'poorest build quality' awards. third is beko.
seriously, this machine is worth about £150, maybe, not £180.
theres a very good reason currys sell bilge. it makes money. you buy this machine now, it might last 18 months, you can bet the whole time it wont wash very well and it will be very noisy. then you go back to currys and spend another £180 for another 18 month machine.. and in 3 years youve spent £360.. or you spend £250 on a john lewis own brand like this one which has a 3 year warranty from john lewis, and is actually a re badged zanussi machine.
i understand when people say they dont have the extra £70 to buy a machine for £250, but finding some way to spend that little bit more would make all the difference.
also, with the likes of logik they are usually imported from china with low quality control.
you're right, you may get a dodgey one, but even a 'perfect' one will be sub par in terms of build quality

Well I have had one of these for 7 months now and am very happy with it.

I spent ages researching what to get and found that thanks to the EU manufacturers only had to provide for a minimum number of wash cycles (approx 1000 if I remember correctly). So if you wash once a week it should last you 18 years, clearly it won't because of other factors, but if like me you have 10 per week 2 years is all you get. This is why the same make and model can last different times.

Another consideration is that most washers now have sealed tubs (again thanks to the EU to cut down on environmental stuff), so if the bearings go as mine did, you cannot replace it because of the cost £200+. The expensive brands on the whole don't use sealed tubs and so are repairable. I found that Logik, made in Turkey I believe, have replaceable tubs (Partsmaster had replacements for less than £100), which means the bearings can be replaced (usually around £15 a set).

Like all things these days there are few manufacturers but many brands, that Hotpoint is probably made next to the Zanussi and passes the Indesit on its way out of the factory. Price is a factor sure, but how many times you will be using the washer is a bigger one. If you wash loads and can afford go for the top of the range models, the have massive warranties and good back up, but if you only rarely wash then a cheap one is fine.

Oh and you can buy extra cover from Currys up to 11 months 29 days after purchase. 5 years cover is £99, 3 yrs £79.

No I don't work at Currys, they were cheapest at the time I bought mine.

Now £169.99 for anyone interested.
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