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Posted 25 November 2022

Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard for Mac, Backlit LED Keys, Bluetooth £67.31 (Like New) @ Amazon Warehouse

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Used like new condition
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  1. Avatar
    I had one of these. The worst keyboard I've ever owned. Next to no travel. Hugely overrated. Sold it on.
    To each their own but I think this could be the first negative user review of this keyboard I’ve ever encountered!
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    I love mine. I work from home so it's cool that I can switch between devices at the touch of a button. Pleasant to type on also.
  3. Avatar
    Not one for gamers but excellent for office/typing/productivity.
    Very quiet so doesn't annoy others.
    Best keyboard I've used
    Who are you annoying with your typing?
  4. Avatar
    Great keyboard! You're bound to get people who will say it's over-rated, but have no clue
  5. Avatar
    2 still available. Shame it's the Mac version!
  6. Avatar
    1 still available at 2am.

    Got one recently and love it's compact size. But I'm a clumsy typer and keep misspelling. Tempted to try the new MX Mechanical as I find the larger key size and travel make for more accurate typing.
    I get the point about the travel, but I don’t think the physical key “tops” are any different from this one. (Just based on product dimensions).
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    I've got this with the Mx mouse and it's a dream. I switch easily from my work laptop to my home PC and it's a dream to type on. The side scroller on the mouse it's ace too. Well worth the money
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    got it thank you
  9. Avatar
    Also have this keyboard (and the MX Mouse) and it’s amazing great deal!
    Me too. Only got the anywhere 3 with it as no need for the master 3

    ….. Although, that vertical cows-hoof lookin mo-fo looks awesome
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    Amazing keyboard, can’t go wrong with it
  11. Avatar
    Love mine
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    Showing as £89.99 and even when I go to checkout it doesn't take the 20% off like you said. How'd you get that price?
    That’s the new price. Go to the used options.
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    Scroll down a little to other sellers, click there and it will show amazon warehouse, used like new 84.14 and take 20% off at checkout
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    Heat for the price.

    I just didn’t find it that compelling when I tried it out over the <£30 options with similar functionality.

    Also did my head in that they’ve moved the mouse right click menu button off to the top right above the numpad.
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    Great deal I would say. I have got a few things from AW that are listed as packaging damaged. Half the time it's due to warehouse putting stickers over the original box and a few scuff marks, so it looks more like an unwanted gift returned. BUT failing that if it does not come 'Like New', I have never had an issue returning the item.
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    £89 now
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    Great price.

    I use this with the MX Master 3 mouse.

    Brilliant keyboard, joy to use and the Flow software for seamless dual-display switching from my Mac to Windows machines is a revelation...
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    No such price now, cheapest Used - Like New is £84.14
  19. Avatar
    Shame its the mac version....Bought the pc version from Argos for £83 instead (edited)
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    Still 1 left. It's 84.41 used but takes 20% off at checkout
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    Still available, just bagged one
  22. Avatar
    Yep another available also
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    Amazing keyboard. The best I’ve ever used