Logitech Bluetooth Speaker Adapter - Close to any Bluetooth 2.0 Audio Device £25.69 @ Base

Logitech Bluetooth Speaker Adapter - Close to any Bluetooth 2.0 Audio Device £25.69 @ Base

Found 25th Nov 2011
I've been looking at trying to find an easy way to use my Harman Kardon Soundsticks wirelessly. They sound great but the added convenience of wireless would be great.
Then I stumbled over the Logitech Bluetooth Speaker Adapter. Basically you can plug it into any speaker system with a 3.5mm Jack or Socket and it works with Stereo Phono connections. This makes it idea to use with Hi-Fis, Amp, stand alone speakers and docks.
The bluetooth is confirmed to work with iPhones & iPads, so this should work with most Stereo Bluetooth devices, 2.0.
I can find some retailers slightly cheaper but their rep isn't as good as Base + you get 4% Quidco Cashback.
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mmmm, £25 is a bit much I think.

Also would it not auto connect and play text/email tones through the speakers?
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£25 to allow your bluetooth audio device to work with any existing audio equipment you have? Yes it may well play text/email tones through it but these can be silenced and it won't just work with Phones & Tablets. No reason not to use laptops, MP3 players etc.
Wired is so last year? lol

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Wired is so last year? lolFool

Point taken, glad you managed to read that far.
What did you think about the product\deal?
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The belkin version is usually £15-18 on amazon.

Sadly, the sound is degraded noticably on all bluetooth receivers anyway.
Ditto, paid around £15 for the belkin, does a fine job, and I'm fussy with my music quality.
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Apparently the Logitech one provides a better range. The Belkin needs dismantled a little to hack it for improved range.

Either way these are little known about devices that for not much money add newer functionality to old Audio devices. They may not be Audiophile quality but letting people know they exist is a bonus.
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