Logitech C920 HD Pro USB 1080p Webcam £69.49 @ Amazon

Logitech C920 HD Pro USB 1080p Webcam £69.49 @ Amazon

Found 27th Oct 2017
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Hi deqaahmed, this will go very cold. Its often on offer at £30 - £35. It is a good camera but at £70 its too much.
it usually floats around £60 at like basic offer price and sometimes hits £30, I shoudl have got one last time it did but waiting on it to do that again.
Thanks for commenting guys, can't see it cheaper anywhere. Can someone please post it if they find it. Thanks
I am looking for webcam with good sound quality for Skype meeting on my MacBook AiR. As the audio for laptop is poor and need better visual and lightening.
Would appreciate suggestion for better option than the Logitech C920
If you wait till Black Friday this will probably be half the price.
I got mine for like £32.99. I suggest waiting till black friday.
but if you cannot wait, it goes down to like £56 or £59 without sale
This is perfect for your evening job.
It looks nice.
I agree - wait until Black Friday. I also picked one up last year for half price and will get another one this year for my work PC if they are down again. There is also a newer C922 out for not much more. Hopefully this will also get a price slash or at least make Amazon sell off the 920 for even less

C920 vs C922
ITMA3 h, 37 m ago

It looks nice.

If they externally designed it well you would presume it was internally also designed well?
This is a great webcam. It is worth this price but sells for cheaper. If you can't wait and need one I'd suggest getting it as it's the best one.
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