Logitech Cordless Action Controller PS2 Gamepad @ Blockbuster for 99p Instore
Logitech Cordless Action Controller PS2 Gamepad @ Blockbuster for 99p Instore

Logitech Cordless Action Controller PS2 Gamepad @ Blockbuster for 99p Instore

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Bought 2 of these today for 99p each, seemed a good deal as i think theyve always been around £15-£20+. thought it might be good to someone whos after some replacements. And they were brand new and not preowned.

heres some specs/features

PS2 Logitech Cordless Action Controller - Features:

Experience the freedom to play anywhere you want and eliminate cable clutter in your
living room
The second generation Logitech Cordless Action Controller delivers the performance, convenience, and comfort you've been looking for
It's engineered to be small and light, yet it still uses Logitech's highly reliable 2.4 GHz radio frequency technology to deliver ultra-precise control with no lag
Smaller, lighter, more comfortable in a familiar layout
2.4 GHz radio frequency wireless technology with a lag-free range of 9 metres
Requires only 2 AA batteries to achieve
50+ hours of battery life with vibration on
Mini receiver plugs directly into console controller
Licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited for use exclusively with PlayStation 2 for PAL markets


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I'd love a couple for the PS2 which i've dumped downstairs now that i have my ps3 and 360 in my bedroom. Heat added although not holding my breath as i couldn't get the 360 HD-DVD drive anywhere near me!

blineboy, can you also tell which blockbuster did you get them from?

Does anyone know if this will work with the PS3?

it is a good deal, I hope this deal is nationwide. I will check my local store today and will post the comment.

Great find - these are the finest controllers for the PS2, IMHO.

Can anyone get one for me? I'll pay the postage cost

good find dude.

good price voted hot.

Sounds good, will go and have a look later, my son would love cpl of them

is there anyway to get these working on the pc great find

Cant find it anywhere. Called atleast 10 different stores

I'll check Crawley Blockbusters in a bit and let you know.


Cant find it anywhere. Called atleast 10 different stores

Yeah no surprise there. I always hate these type of deals cause it' always seems to be available in just that one store and no one else get them.

does this work with pc's????


does this work with pc's????

This pad is for Playstation 2 - so assuming you have a PS2-to-PC adaptor I don't see why it shouldn't work.


Does anyone know if this will work with the PS3?

It will, you just need a 'PS2 usb adapter'. Connect the end of the PS2 cable into the adapter and then connect the usb end of the adapter into a usb port in the PS3. The only downside is it won't be wireless and you have to pay for the adapter. Having said that, the the adapter can be used to connect any PS2 controller to a PC and obviously you can then use it to play games on your PC.... This is what my son does. He has the likes of Pro Evo, Prince of Persia, Need For Speed etc on his PC and uses a PS2 controller to play them.

He's tried different usb adapters but the best and most reliable by far is the SMARTJOY PLUS which costs around £10 on ebay. If it's not available there then just do a google earch for 'smartjoy plus ps2'. It will be see through red in colour.

I just checked my local store in Eastleigh and they said they never knew abt such an offer.. may be limited to a specific store.. if someone could pick a couple of them for me I'll bear the postage.. thanks in advance

It should work with 32 bit Windows but last I heard it was problematic with 64 bit ones. I may be wrong though.

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it was in the big ashton branch, also check clearance baskets as they could have them in there.

None in Cramlington Northumberland!!!

Check Followfield store, not found!

no such offer in woking store

nothing in Grays, Thurrock
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