Logitech DiNovo Edge with 2.5% off voucher at Laskys £89.60 + 3.5% at Quidco

Logitech DiNovo Edge with 2.5% off voucher at Laskys £89.60 + 3.5% at Quidco

Found 13th Mar 2011
Only for those people who want something like this as the next price from this is £99 at Amazon so don't vote cold just because you can't justify spending this much.
This had been posted for a similar price earlier this year, but the cheapest price at the moment on the internet.

Go to checkout then you get the option to enter a code. Enter LENT25 for 2.5% off and don't forget to go through quidco. Should work out about £86.46 when quidco tracks.

Excellent wireless keyboard as it is bluetooth rather than the standard wireless technology. Also if your computer/laptop has bluetooth built in (most do nower days) then you don't even need to attach a dongle to it. Also works for PS3's and I assume Xbox 360 if you want to enhance your usage on them.

Another useful thing that can be done is attaching your computer to your television if it is capable, therefore it acts like a monitor and you can sit comfortably on your couch with the keyboard (and no need for a mouse) and do whatever you want happily.



Great price for a stupidly expensive HTPC keyboard.

£52.99 direct from Logitech logitech.com/en-…age so colder than an eskimos fridge


£52.99 direct from Logitech … £52.99 direct from Logitech http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/promotional-items/devices/4742?WT.ac=psE|4742||Image so colder than an eskimos fridge

Not the same keyboard.

This is it on the Logitech website: logitech.com/en-…192 £129.99
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ah, my bad

it might be expensive for a keyboard but i have one and wouldn't be parted from it. It makes a HTPC very easy to use. the battery lasts for weeks. hot from me.

I like logitechs gear, have bought multiple mouse/keyboard combo's over the years. They do come in varying flavours and this is still very expensive for what it is. If you want it for the PS3, just buy the mediaboard designed for PS3 use, about £40 online. If you want an all in one HTPC solution there are much cheaper options. I currently use "Nexos 2.4Ghz Wireless Multimedia Entertainment Keyboard with TouchPad". It only cost me about £15 at the time, lasts a few months of light use on one set of batteries and does all the jobs I need it to. Also HTPC keyboards are going to take a few knocks and I know I would be happier with having £18 worth of kit getting knocked off the sofa than £80.
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