Logitech DriveFX Racing Wheel  for xbox 360, £24.97 del with Google Checkout

Logitech DriveFX Racing Wheel for xbox 360, £24.97 del with Google Checkout

Found 30th Oct 2007
For those who are eligible for the Google Checkout discount. You can get the Logitech driving wheel coupled with a filler item to bring it over £30 e.g. I added the Kodak Heavy Duty Zinc Chloride AAA Batteries - 12 Pack (£1.29).

Pay using Google checkout (thanks to siewmk for this) and get £10 off (see thread hotukdeals.com/for…php?t=109486)


Wheel-mounted paddles
Put shifting control at your fingertips
Gas and brake pedals
Add to the realism of your driving experience.
10" steering wheel
With rubber grips for comfortable driving.
Expansion port
Plug in a headset to experience Xbox Live® gameplay.
Dual clamping system
Attach the wheel securely to your desk or other flat surface.
Adjustable-sensitivity steering
For total control over driving performance.
Xbox 360 controls
Including Action, D-pad, and Xbox Guide buttons

27 in stock at time of posting.
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Just to add its still offering me the discount even though I used the discount on the last promo, so others may be lucky.

And secondly I thought this deserved its own thread.
Thanks for this on 2 counts ... didn't think they were going to get any back in stock so to also get it cheaper suits me

Ordered mine with the live headset (which I wanted as well) and that took it just above £50 for free delivery so am well happy.
I have one of these wheels and they are great for the price.

I also considered some of the others for sale (eg Madcatz) so you may find the link below useful

Conclusion I came up with was that this wheel was the best value for money.
Great info and glad some ppl found this useful.

Stock is down to 21 now. Expect they'll put the price up b4 long
Not a bad wheel for the money, but with FORZA 2 the MS wheel comes into its own (good luck trying to get one though!)
This doesn't have force feedback, unlike the MS wheel, right?
28.99 now inc VAT
would this work with the original Xbox

28.99 now inc VAT

Always was. Price quoted by OP includes deilivery and assumes google discount of £10.
Oh ye, sorry I get it now!

For those other quesions - yes it does have some force feedback, and to the other guy it wont work on the original Xbox (to my knowledge)
jjintheuk it does not have Force Feed Back it has Axial Feedback.

It is a bit different and worth maybe researching a bit before buying.

There is mixed reports about how it feels compared to the official MS wheel with force feedback. I have not tried both so couldn't comment myself.

Still a good deal if this is the wheel you want, voted hot.
Awesome price, I know these are actually £19.91 ex vat to buy from distribution so this is such a good deal!
Just ordered thanks very much.
very tempted!
I am quite tempted also, I own 2 racing games at the moment but I am not too sure I can see myself using this an awful lot. What do you think, good investment?
Good investment, but you cant beat the pad!
Also check this out on amazon, few pounds shy of £70!
Im tempted but I would prefer the wheel with the gear stick instead of the paddle

This doesn't have force feedback, unlike the MS wheel, right?

This does have feedback but I believe due to licensing of the force feedback drivers from MS they are not allowed to call it such.

If you want a wheel with feedback this is by far and away the best value wheel you can get. If you're rich and a purist go for the MS wheel for £80.....
Congrats on those who got it. Now all sold out!!!
Now it's back and costs £40+delivery, charmin' eh.


Nope it's gone again!?!
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