Logitech EX110 Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse for 14.99 Collect in store @ PC World

Logitech EX110 Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse for 14.99 Collect in store @ PC World

Found 28th Apr 2009
Not a bad price for a standard wireless keyboard and mouse from a decent brand name.
Got this at home and its been fine for the past couple of years, no problem at all.

I remember a few months ago the EX100 was around £10 but struggle to find that now i think.


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Link is not working, sorry, anyone know how to link to pc world pages?

Great price ... WELL DONE.


Reserved for collection ...

Plenty in,


bought it 10 days back on same price better for desktop as i m using with my laptop,battery working fine ,range good ,i was using pcline optical mouse before ,mouse is not smooth as that,heavy.connector got big lead.

i`ve had this keyboard for several years now and its still going strong

i have one of these but hate it!! Range is rubbish and i need to replace the batteries almost every month!

Got this both at work and at home. Fantastic quality and value

i'm pretty sure (95%) that these will work with the ps3



i'm pretty sure (95%) that these will work with the ps3

Was going to ask that question, thanks. :thumbsup:

Does anyone know if these are compatible with a PS3??


**edit** just answered

Hi, I got one of these from Play a while back when somebody posted it up on here for about £15. It's not a bad set, but I agree about mouse battery life, and the Logitech software that comes with it is a nightmare which automatically checks for software updates every boot (even if you tell it not to). On Vista this is a real ballache as it's a UAC related prompt. Annoying at best. Even though it checks for updates, I've yet to see one actually be available in 8 months! I think the software also allows you to program the middle mouse button (on click), however, if you disable the functionality, it also disables the click - so anyone who uses Firefox will notice they can't middle-mouse click to open a new tab - also a tad annoying.

The mouse batteries don't last long, due to the fact it never switches itself off when not in use (like a sort of sleep mode, which you'd expect a wireless mouse to have). Keyboard batteries are fine, but overall it's a bit lightweight and plasticky.

For a non-gamer, this is probably fine but as gamers know, for best performance, go wired every time. Logitech G5 Laser Mouse and an Apple keyboard FTW.




No its not, its still £14.99 >> ]http//ww…id=

Can be unexpired

don't know why this is expired, I just ordered one to collect in Cardiff Culverhouse Cross. Am going to get it in an hour.

Got this keyboard and mouse set for £19.99 a few months ago in PC World (as it was priced up wrongly and should have been £29.99). It feels really cheap and crappy compared to my old Logitech set in which the mouse stopped working. The mouse batteries also only last 2 weeks at the most. Not recommended.
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