Logitech G29 Driving Wheel Down to £149.99 on Amazon

Logitech G29 Driving Wheel Down to £149.99 on Amazon

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Found 17th Feb 2017
Not the cheapest ever but amongst the strongest for the wheel on it's own.
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Still £179.99 at Currys PC world, wonder if they will reduce price also. A bit more about the G29 wheel can be found here Trusted Reviews
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I've vowed never to buy anything like this again. I bought a Logitech wheel for my PS3 and it doesn't work on a PS4. I'm sure this will happen on the next variant so its just a massive waste of money imo.
Going to wait for easter bank holiday 99 deal again at currys, im sure there do it again.
£179 @ PC World WITH the gear shifter. This is cold cold cold.
Theyve reduced the price to 149 at pcworld. OR...You can pay for their £199.99 version which comes with a "FREE" gear shift....


£199.98 for the same product...BUT...."FREE shifter included in this package. Usual price: £49.99". So technically it's not at all free, you're paying £49.99 extra for the priveledge of having a free shifter oO
Got mine from PC World but glad I never went to Argos cause it's £299.99 without a shifter included, definitely snap it up for £149.99.
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