Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse  £20.99  amazon

Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse £20.99 amazon

Posted 13th Dec 2017
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Good price! Thanks op!
Terrific mouse!
G502 reduced too at Amazon to £39.99
sashahook1 h, 4 m ago

G502 reduced too at Amazon to £39.99

I have this at work at I don't like it for gaming. Could be tempted by the 402 but I don't think it has 'infinite scroll'.
Great price for this mouse. I personally use one and i am very happy with it. I have used all the various other 'gaming' mice form MAD CATZ, Razer, Qpad, Steel Series etc.

In relation to the 'infinite scroll' mentioned, this mouse doesn't do that and nor should it.
This mouse one of the best notchy scroll wheels i have ever tried, each notch is very positive. Makes it perfect for first person shooters when you use scroll to change weapons.
Heat. I bought this earlier this year for the same price I think or around the same price

Great mouse for the price though I can't vouch for any other mouse's because this is the first gaming mouse that I bought and used
Up to £27.99
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