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Posted 12 August 2022

Logitech G502 HERO Special Edition High-Performance Wired Gaming Mouse, 25K HERO Sensor, 25600 DPI, RGB - £20 @ Amazon

£20£39.9950% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

  • HERO 25K Sensor: The next generation of the HERO optical sensor brings new precision to your mouse up to 25,600 DPI while generating no smoothing, filtering, or acceleration
  • 11 Programmable Buttons and Ultra-Fast Scroll Wheel Dual Mode: the wired gaming mouse Logitech G gives you complete customization of your game settings. PTFE feet: > 250 kilometers
  • Adjustable Weight: Adjust the glide of your mouse. Five 3.6g weights come with the G502 HERO wired mouse to find the perfect setup and optimize your gaming performance
  • LIGHTSYNC RGB: LIGHTSYNC technology gives you fully customizable RGB lighting, synchronize animations and lighting effects with your other devices Logitech G
  • Mechanical Button Tension System: every click is sharper and more reliable thanks to a mechanical tension system with springs and pivots in the left and right buttons
  • Next-generation sensor: capable of detecting submicron motion and tracking motion within one millionth of a meter with exceptional accuracy
  • The world's #1 gaming peripherals - Based on independent aggregate data (Feb 2019 - Feb 2020) on the number of gaming peripheral units (keyboards, mice, and PC headsets)
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  1. Avatar
    I've just managed to order this at £20 - maybe the deal should be revived?
  2. Avatar
    Back in stock! (Just ordered for myself, no problems)
  3. Avatar
    Recommend everyone join the G502 master race
  4. Avatar
    OOS or removed. I tried a few times to add it to my basket but got an error each time

    Replying to

    Yep, I was refreshing the Amazon page hoping it was just a glitch and I've just managed to order it too. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Expired in both Argos and Amazon now?
  6. Avatar
    Great gaming mouse. This is a steal at this price
    Not even for gaming, its a great mouse for every day use.
    My girlfriend has this one, I tried it and enjoyed it so much I got the black (non SE) version. At £20 this is a no brainer for a quality mouse.
  7. Avatar
    mmmmm, not working - at all
  8. Avatar
    Had this mouse a couple of years now, it's amazing, highly recommended! I like the white accent colour too, and this was cheaper than the black version so win win
  9. Avatar
    Just ordered now with no problem at all, head added OP, cheers!
  10. Avatar
    That's dirt cheap!

    I bought mine two years ago for 37.99 which was a very good price.

    Ordered a spare now.
    same here, being they dont break or ware tho im not sure why im hording spares!
    What ive started doing is rotating them when they are due a clean.
  11. Avatar
    Same price at argos
  12. Avatar
    I have had 3 of these mice, they always ended up double clicking on me. Logitech did replace them free of charge every single time though without any hassle. I am now using a Logitech G305 and have no issue at all. If you watch a teardown on this mouse, they are using a cheap switch for the left and right click not traditionally designed for mice and they wear down a lot faster, you can manually solder on better ones from AliExpress though if anyone wants to do that.
  13. Avatar
    Brill mouse for not a lot of cash..
    Decent build quality had two over the years ,love Logitech peripherals however I'm now using G502 light speed for gaming. (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Got this mouse i paid double this & worth ever penny enough said (edited)
  15. Avatar
    I'm still using an old MX518. Love it, but for 20 smackeroos going to give this a bash. I'm sure I have an OEM Asus Gladius somewhere that came with an old mobo too.. (edited)
  16. Avatar
    £20! I am going to all in, heat up
  17. Avatar
    Have G502 Hero but i'll take this too. Bargain.
  18. Avatar
    Fantastic mouse, I have one for home gaming and one for the office.
    I assigned the thumb button as ctrl, so that, copy, paste, save etc can be done easily. I also signed the double click to the button next to the left click.
  19. Avatar
    Great price for a great mouse.
  20. Avatar
    Had two of these, both had the double clicking flaw. Ended up with a razer viper ultimate and not looked back since.
  21. Avatar
    Logitech have gone downhill in recent years, keyboards, mice, it's all cheap tat now.
  22. Avatar
    Just returned one I bought - frequently disconnects from my PC and laptop.
    It could just be a one-off, because other than that it’s a pretty great quality mouse for the price
  23. Avatar
    Great, amazon decides it would be a good idea to just not provide a dispatch box and just stick a sticker label onto the product box itself. Hate when they do this.
  24. Avatar
    1 to 2 month dispatch time but have ordered as a spare so not in a rush
  25. Avatar
    great price

    but i never get why this mouse is popular, the shape is not that comfortable. but its the scroll button that ruined it for me. its too slippery, and rattle the whole mouse
  26. Avatar
    Got the standard G502 but the scroll wheel is starting to play up. Says a month or 2 but for this price got to take a punt