LOGITECH G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse - Grey & Black, £39.99 from PC world

LOGITECH G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse - Grey & Black, £39.99 from PC world

Found 3rd Nov 2017
Batteries last forever, very comfy mouse. Amazon price matched.

The perfect companion for your gaming rig, the smart grey and black Logitech G602 Wireless Darkfield Gaming Mouse includes LED lighting that lets you know which mode your mouse is in. The sensitive Darkfield technology provides excellent response and performance, critical if you're on the battlefield or in the middle of a dungeon.

Delta Zero

Take your gaming to the next level thanks to Delta Zero technology, which provides pinpoint accuracy for your mouse. This Darkfield technology means that you can fly across the screen or hone in on a target accurately. The up to 2500 DPI responds rapidly to hand movements, so you won't experience lag whilst you're in the heat of battle.

It is LED illuminated, and allows you to put minimal effort into thinking about your character's movements and maximum thought into winning your game.
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Same price at Amazon also!
I got one of these from Amazon Warehouse for £35 earlier in the week and I'm incredibly impressed with it. It's the first time I've spent more than about £20 on a mouse and the difference in games was really noticeable, even in Windows it feels much more accurate and precise.
Amazon if you wish
I’ve had one of these for the last year probably the best wireless mouse I’ve owned only thing is buttons are slightly too far forward for my thumb. Nicely built and feels good in hand though.
Great mouse but a bit heavy for me. The mouse wheel click is also unreliable on these but Logitech are very good at replacing it. I had 3 replacements in total for this issue.

I went with the G900 in the end but it costs a lot more.
weiran1 h, 43 m ago

Great mouse but a bit heavy for me.

Did you try it with just one battery?
shaktastik9 h, 20 m ago


It's been this price at Amazon for weeks now and is still in stock.

I've had it saved in my basket while I debate whether I need a third one
couple of things to note, it doesn't use the standards unify USB and it takes normal batteries (or your own chargeable ones) but not a built in one like the more expensive ones. That said, this is good price
Using AA batteries is a positive (excuse the pun) thing.

Things with non-removable rechargeable batteries end up useless when the battery loses it's ability to hold a charge.
These are also available as a 'certified refurb' from Amazon for £27.99 (Amazon link)
ive had 5 of these, 3 were replacements of the first one, and in then end they just sent me out an additional one. I bought another one 2 months ago.
Reason: the middle mouse clicker died on each one after 3months.

I would say the refurbs have a better clicker, might last longer after replacement. It is a great ergonomic mouse and suits me perfectly which is why i persist with it.
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