Logitech G700S Gaming Mouse  £37.12  amazon.fr

Logitech G700S Gaming Mouse £37.12 amazon.fr



great find, thanks!
Heated added!
That's a bargain! Paid like £70 for mine and it's worth it at that price.
Great price, pity it's not on amazon UK for similar...
Bought this recently from Amazon.de for 10 more. Excellent mouse for gaming, although i wish the receiver was compatible with the older unifying receivers
I have the mouse. If you want to play fps games its a must. The best mouse yet. Highly recommended.
Amazon UK have just put up their price for this by a quid and a half. oO
FYI for possible deal buyers.

The only other mouse I considered when selecting the G700S was the SteelSeries Sensei Wireless, number of buttons is less on that but due to 3.7V 950mAh battery it does upto 20hrs as per manufacturer info.

Logitech don't state battery discharge time on product page but do in owners support area, upto 10.5 hrs, this only an AA 1.2V 1900mAh battery though, planning on trying 2450mAh or higher battery see if it extends time but generally not an issue for me.

Have this mouse and you must have one to be part of the PC master race
What a bummer, I've been looking at this or the G602, the G602 was listed as a lightning deal for 5:40pm today, it's gone off the list now.
Is it very laggy in gaming ?
Wow, Amazon UK are going for it today with the G700s, went up a pound fifty this morning, gone up another 9 quid this evening. oO
I would, if it didn't look so hideous.
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Have this mouse and you must have one to be part of the PC master race

I'll be sure not to buy one then. Thanks for the warning
Amazing mouse, dreadful battery life - 1 day at best. You have to keep charging AAs at all times. Or go bankrupt from buying non-rechargeables.
£53 now?

£53 now?

Still cheap for a pro gamer

Is it very laggy in gaming ?

I'd avoid this mouse, especially for gaming. There's no noticeable lag at all, but it feels weird and doesn't go in the direction you move it. I don't think it's to do with the sensor itself but rather its position, which is right at the front of the mouse which makes it more perceptible to changes in direction as you move it across your desk. It would regularly miss my destination by 10-15 degrees, never experienced it with any other mouse that I've used and it definitely wasn't angle snapping. It's a shame because the mouse has a great scroll wheel, plenty of buttons and a lovely texture to its top (the sides are a weird gritty rubber, not so sure about that either). The mouse is also VERY heavy.I wouldn't want it thrown at my face and I love that sort of stuff normally.

The Sensei Wireless was a great mouse apart from the occasional bug where it would stop responding and would require a system restart (it got a lot better after one particular update). However, two have failed on me where they suddenly stop responding to movement, but the buttons continue to function. I can't recommend any decent mouse for wireless use I'm afraid. Haven't tried the Razer Mamba but haven't had good experiences from that company for reliability either.

Perhaps you could buy a wired mouse and if you really had to, use something like this to keep the wire out of the way?... amazon.co.uk/Fle…JSW

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