Logitech Harmony 525 Remote Control £36.05 (plus £10 Google Checkout)

Logitech Harmony 525 Remote Control £36.05 (plus £10 Google Checkout)

Found 30th May 2007
Been looking for a new remote and this is the cheapest I could find. Others are ~£55.00. The model up from this (555) is about £60.

Control your entire Home Entertainment system with the touch of a single button! Simply select an activity (e.g., "Watch TV", "Play a videogame", etc.) and your Harmony remote will send the right commands so you don't have to juggle remotes or remember a sequence of buttons. The Internet-based setup is a breeze. An intuitive setup wizard will walk you through the steps to get the Harmony remote to work with your systems. The online database contains all the information of 2,500 manufacturers and over 80,000 models of components. The Harmony 525 makes Home Entertainment accessible to the whole family.

£30.51 when using Google Checkout
- deanos
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This brand has a good reputation and the reviews on ebuyer are all very positive. Hot IMHO.
Use Google Checkout to get the price to £30.51

An even better deal
This is actually 30 quid delivered if you choose super saver delivery and use Google checkout. Although its had average reviews not a bad price.
It's an excellent product!


average reviews

Can't comment on the 525 specifically but I have the 885 and it's amazing.
Plus the logitech support is great.
Awww.....why do I check this flippin' site? I can't help myself.

Been looking for one of these, just couldn't decide which model - this clinches the deal - just ordered. Thanks.
I want one.
Don't need one.
but I want one.

Great find.

I want one.Don't need one.but I want one.Great find.

LOL same here just ordered one !
I've had a 525 for a few months. I've nearly (but not quite) managed to do away with the other 5 remotes for the devices it's controlling.
I think it's great.
Ive got a Sony DVD recorder at home which has the most complex controls ever on it. Does anyone know if this thing will drive it? The stock remote has more buttons than a button collector. Looking a good price! Just wanna make sure it will actually drive everything before I buy.
they have a list of supported devices on the logitech website somewhere.
if it is supported you'll have to decide whether all the tasks you perform on your remote can be covered by macro commands on the Harmony unit
it might be that you will have to lose some functionality that you probably don't use anyway but you will be surprised at just how much you can do.

i like the way it lights up before you even pick it up - it has some tilt switch or sensor or something similar.

i've been using one for ages to control a tv, amplifier and sky + box
Wow all them buttons to play with... Harmony 895 is much better though

Wow all them buttons to play with... Harmony 895 is much better though

Yeah but £100 better?
I have a 525 and it's not only excellent, but the macro controls are superb, great to set up, and most importantly?

Wife/GF friendly!!!

One button turns on my tv, receiver, sky box. It's labelled "Watch TV".

Need anything simpler? Trade your Wife/GF in and upgrade to an orangutang.


almost bought one for £45 on ebay last week

voted hot and ordered
I've been after one of these cheap for a while and have ordered.

Thanks OP, heat and rep given
I was asking about universal remotes the other-day on digitalspy

Quite a few people recommended the harmony :thumbsup:

Wasn't willing to pay near £50 for a remote then saw the deal :-D

to say i've got one on order ;-)
Great price, one one order, thanks Heat and rep left!
I think I saw something like this in Comet recently and it was £80... so I have ordered one. £30 delivered.... plus the 0.1% Quidco
Nice find. Time to consolidate my 7 remotes on the coffee table!!!
what does the 895 do extra then?
even you can control your (x10) lightings as well.
I've had one of these for about 18 months now. They are very good however it could take a while to setup properly, but once setup it does everything and a lot more than more expensive all-in-ones. It's a fact that no similarly priced remote matches this for function and flexibility.

It comes with manufacturers 2 years gurantee which you may need cos I've had mine replaced twice because the display faded out on my previous 2, however my kids really put this through a lot of tough use, so I'll give it the benefit of doubt as it's not a commonly reported fault.

Battery life is actually very good, between 4-6 months between charges on 900mah rechargeable AAA batteries from 7dayshop.com which cost another £1.99.

I originally got mine at £37 on an introductory rate and it's cost more ever since. I highly recommend this. voted hot.


even you can control your (x10) lightings as well.

The 525 This is not an x-10 remote control.

Just another pic for people to salivate over ;-)

Anyone found the link to Logitechs' list of compatible devices?

Anyone found the link to Logitechs' list of compatible devices?

Could not find a list of devices it is compatible with but found a list of devices it is not compatible with :

will this work with the xbox 360 dashboard?
could someone tell me if this would work with my evesham LCD TV? i cant get my sky controller working with the tv. also would this work with my sky box?
Just ordered myself one as it would be rude not to at that price.

Voted hot
Damm just tried through quidco, I think they came off at 5:00pm today, thats 0.3p extra it will cost !!
Doesn't work with Pace cable boxes according to logitech's website. Glad I checked that!

No sale for me. Good price though.
It does work with the xbox 360, I use mine to navigate the dashboard and play dvd's on the 360.
Wow! Superb! I've been looking for an MCE remote for my PCs, and now thanks to you I can get a universal one instead, that looks much, much better and will avoid headaches in the living room looking for the right remote!

I love Logitech's Harmony range but never thought they'd go down in price, and certainly not THAT low. I've ordered mine right away with a multimedia deskset I had spotted a while ago for £8 (not worth being purchased alone because of the delivery).

Thanks a lot, voted hot and added rep.!
I brought this last year and it has been sitting in the bottom draw. It a nice loking remote and is light but the quality is soo cheap. The buttons make a horrid clicking sound on pressing, the respond time is iffy and the whole thing creeks when holding it. It's a shame but I guess yuo get what you pay for and their higher end models looks better made.

For the price it is good just to get a taste of what the more expensive models can do.
You've convinced me - was just thinking last night how crap my TV remote was and that I need a bigger table to put them all on!
[SIZE=2]I need to keep away from this page, it's costing me a small fortune for thinks I didn't know I wanted:) .[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]That's £40 saved from Goolge Checkout![/SIZE]
For anyone who is interested

]User Manual

Harmony 525 thread on ]AVForums
Use Google Checkout to get the price to £30.51

That's a good price so good I had to buy one.

Been looking at them for ages and always resisted.

will this work with the xbox 360 dashboard?

Yes it will.
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