Logitech Harmony 525 Remote control - £44 delivered

Logitech Harmony 525 Remote control - £44 delivered

Found 18th Aug 2006
I don't know if they have stock or not but looks like a good deal

Finally, complete control in one remote with one button--for the whole family!
Control your entire Home Entertainment system with the touch of a single button! Simply select an activity (e.g., "Watch TV", "Play a videogame", etc.) and your Harmony remote will send the right commands so you don't have to juggle remotes or remember a sequence of buttons. The Internet-based setup is a breeze. An intuitive setup wizard will walk you through the steps to get the Harmony remote to work with your systems. The online database contains all the information of 2,500 manufacturers and over 80,000 models of components. The Harmony 525 makes Home Entertainment accessible to the whole family.

Take complete control: The Harmony 525 gives you full control of up to 12 devices. The Logitech database contains over 2,500 manufacturers and over 80,000 IR devices--everything from HDTVs to PVR/DVRs, from DVDs to VCRs--even lighting controls! The database is updated daily, so it's guaranteed to work with all models and manufacturers.
Set it up in a snap! The Harmony Set-up Wizard does the programming, so you don't have to. Just connect your remote to your computer and answer a few questions about you currently use your home theater. Logitech's patented Smart State Technology® does the rest.

Control your entire home entertainment system with just one button. Choose the "Watch a DVD" activity and the Harmony Remote will power on your TV, DVD player, stereo receiver, set all the inputs, and even press "Play!"
Single-button control
The Harmony Remote provides simple, intuitive control of even the most elaborate entertainment system for everyone in the family.

Teletext Controls
Support for Teletext with dedicated buttons.

Fully backlit keypad
Backlighting makes the buttons and interactive display glow brightly for easy use in the dark.

Interactive display
Easy-to-read interactive display keeps you in control and informed of what's going on.

Learning port
Just point your original remote at the Learning Port to capture and use any infrared command with the Harmony Remote.

Computer-based Harmony Set-up Wizard
For quick and easy set-up.


Looks good to me - £50 in most places I have seen.

I much prefer this to the ones with touch screens, as the buttons make it possible to use without looking at the remote.


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thanks http://www.cheatsws.com/hukd/1.gif
hope this deal will be useful

was gonna get one but:

Due to overwhelming demand we are currently out of stock for the next … Due to overwhelming demand we are currently out of stock for the next week.

Ordered one of these from here a little while back, In my opinion it was an awful remote control!

The build quality is shocking, it squeaks everytime you press a button and to top it all off it stopped working in 2 days!

Finally this place is awful for customer care, after sending the remote back and waiting 3 weeks I received a letter to say they had sent it off to the manufacturer. After waiting another 3 weeks and a few phone calls they promised a refund....2 more weeks later and another phone call they finally decided to refund the money (minus the postage!!)

I would be careful about eclipse computers, as IMO they are terrrible!

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thanks for the feedback jimbomaha

Just ordered one make sure to remove the extras that they automatically add on :thumbsup:

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that's a different remote Granitetim and if that's the best deal you found you can open a new thread

welcome to the forum btw

I've got one of these myself. The first one I had failed on the first day and it was a bit of a runaround to get one from Logitech to replace it. Once I got it and started setting it up I've found it to be most useful.

It does take some tweaking to get it just how you like it so be prepared to spend a little time fine tuning but once you have I think you'll love it.

I use it with my TV, Bose 321GS, Sky+, Xbox and Ipod dock all now working perfectly.

It is a little bit clunky around the buttons and it definately is the lower end of the range but for what it does it's well worth it IMHO.

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thanks for the feedback Stu
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