Logitech Harmony 785 Universal Remote Control - £32.50 @ PCWorld instore only

Logitech Harmony 785 Universal Remote Control - £32.50 @ PCWorld instore only

Found 27th Feb 2010
Found in PC World Teeside Park, Middlesbrough

Usually retail around 100 quid

Elegance and efficiency in one remote control. The Harmony 785 replaces up to 15 remote controls and masters your entire home entertainment system at the touch of one button. Simply choose "Watch a DVD" and the Harmony turns on you TV, DVD, Stereo receiver- even presses play. Logitech's online database includes 3,500+ brands, 125,000+ devices and growing daily so you're always in control. Easy to setup and easy to use - there's even a handy "Help" button so that anyone from the kids to the babysitter can easily access their entertainment. Built-in interactive colour LCD display and a long lasting rechargeable battery ensure confort in use.

- One-touch activity buttons: Press the button representing an activity-for example, watching a DVD-and the remote performs all the required steps, including turning components on or off and switching inputs.
- Manage up to 15 components: Command video, audio, gaming-even lights and home appliances.
- Teletext control: Includes dedicated buttons for teletext.

- Charging station: Place the remote in its base station and forget about changing batteries forever.
- Help button: Never get stuck with a handy Help button that walks you through simple troubleshooting procedures.
- Backlit controls and LCD display: Navigate your entertainment without having to bring up the house lights.
- Simple setup wizard: Connect the Harmony remote to your computer and let the wizard guide you through initial setup.
- 225,000-device database: From laser disc to Blu-Ray, information about your components is stored in a device database that's continually updated with new information.
- Free support: Experience complete satisfaction, whether you have a problem or just want to ask a question.




Seems like a good deal, not sure why cold?

Do you have a product code please bigcul?

I would love to have one of these, especially at this price

going to check Newtownabbey and maybe Lisburn later

seems too good of a price to be believed (not voting until I see instore itself), may be a store specific

Checked Newtownabbey and Lisburn NONE.

Seems you got yourself a REAL GOOD DEAL


Seems like a good deal, not sure why cold?

because its more than 1p


because its more than 1p


I've got this one. Paid £65 from Currys a few weeks back. Thought that was cheap.
Real Bargain.

Brilliant price and an excellent remote.

Sadly my PCWorld does not have any, and when they searched on their system for other stores that do have stock, the price shows as £64.99!! This applied to all PCWorld, Dixons and Currys.

So I will wait and hope they come on as clearance in the near future.

Thanks for the heads up.

Seems too good to be true! Recently bought the Harmony 555 for £40 from pixmania. Will be interesting to see if anyone can find any of these in stock at this price!

Just been to Chester PC World, none in stock and they dont stock this model the only 7xx version they have is the 700 and its 64.99 like the poster above has said.

This can be expired now most likely.

I went over to PCW in Teesside Park this afternoon, and it turns out they were having a fire sale due to merging the store with the Currys next door.

The remotes were all gone when I got there approx. 3.00.

They did have a couple of Topfield 5800 250GB with battered boxes for £90 each; this seems to be the going rate second-hand so not a bad offer. Didn't buy though because I was unsure of how much they were really worth...

Same in cardiff....... Nothing.

Same in cardiff....... Nothing. saying that, currys had them reduced at 65.99, so not that bad

This is certainly not national, £64.99 everywhere else. Expired.
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