Logitech Harmony Smart Control £57.52 @ Amazon

Logitech Harmony Smart Control £57.52 @ Amazon

Found 21st Dec 2014
Control anything that works with an infrared or bluetooth remote (such as Amazon Fire TV or Playstation). Has generally floated around the £69.99 mark, now just £57.52!
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Really good price. But I got this last week for £47 from amazon.de lightning deal as I also had a Euro 10 voucher.
I've currently got a Harmony One. Really want to upgrade, but the Ultimate has touchscreen numpad, which I imagine would be a nightmare to use! This one doesn't have a screen, so if an activity doesn't start correctly, I'd have to use my phone to fix.

Doesn't appear to be a middle ground available. Physical numpad and colour keys, plus screen and wifi/Bluetooth. This one always tempts me though!
Will this control all devices
how do you change sources


I have fire tv
I have a Sony tv
Sony sound bar
vu solo box

all the above have a separate remote

how does this alternate between devices
Hmm, very tempting just for the hub! Without a touch screen on the remote this is best used with a smartphone or tablet.
I bought the touch on a deal, then added this to it later. I do use this remote on occasions especially when I forget to charge the touch!
You have to set it up using the web interface and add all your devices, then you can add activities which can use any or all of your devices. Each activity will turn on/off multiple devices as required/setup. It can take a while to get things setup properly but is well worth it in the end. I started with the basics, then gradually built up the complexity.




Sorry. Cant delete on the phone.
Worth noting you can get an additional £5 off if you pay by Mastercard at the moment using 'priceles5' at checkout.
Great price. Heated and Ordered. Thanks OP
Grabbed this in the flash sale for £49.99 to go with the touch remote I also got.

Can anyone confirm how many remotes can be connected to this? Also does the touch connect to this wirelessly?

Essentially I want to place it in my comms cupboard, then use Harmony remotes in all the rooms to relay the control commands to it wirelessly. Have I misunderstood what this does/how it works with the Touch remote?
For the benefit of anyone else looking for the same answer, I found it here:


Only one remote can be connected to the Hub
Price gone up to £69.50
for anyone reading this for info...it DOES NOT control a PS4 none of the Logitech Harmony remotes do...which is highly annoying..
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