Logitech Home Theater Speakers £261.23 @ PC World
Logitech Home Theater Speakers £261.23 @ PC World

Logitech Home Theater Speakers £261.23 @ PC World

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A True THX certified home entertainment system with 3 digital (1 coax, 2 SPDIF Optical) plus 5 (I believe) non digital inputs. So you can connect your P/MAC, TV, Games Console, etc. Programme the type of sound you want with each, Also it has a wireless remote control for effortless changing the input module you want to use etc.


I have this and the earlier version of this.... The earlier version is better (particularly the control console bit) but its still a good performer. £260 odd should be about standard now though... been around a while... Its got 2 pairs of phono ins on the sub, a line in and headphone on the control console a 5.1 input (3 plug) on the sub too as well as the 2 opticals... not sure about the coax.. possibly. Beware though, the volume knob is horrible!

Wow! That's gotta be some mark-up...

In have an older version. I used it as an AV system, then I got an Onkyo amp and speaker package, for less than this, and it blows it away. It's not bad and I use it with a PC now, but £260 with no HDMI input? I think £150 would be a far more reasonable price point.
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Yes but Logitech are a known brand..... not like Onkyo....
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