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Posted 9 December 2022

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch TV Keyboard With Easy Media Control and Built-in Touchpad £19.99 @Amazon

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Great price drop for a great keyboard
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    I bought it on Black Friday, and after 10 minutes of using it I've decide to send it back. Keyboard is nice but touchpad is horrible, the worse one I've ever used. Touchpad often is unresponsive, like there is some issue with sensitivity. I got previous model K400 and this one works great, K400+ is a huge disappointment.
    Yeah, either you've got a faulty Unifying dongle or a faulty touchpad, or you've got a bad signal for some reason.

    I have had loads of the K400 Plus, K400r, etc. Multiple over the years, as they occasionally get destroyed or sold or given away to family and clients. I keep one in the car boot for tech emergencies, and there's one hooked up to my secondary PC at home.

    They're also popular for PC players for motorsports games that play in cockpits with steering wheels and stuff because they are small, and have a great touchpad. Guy in the unit next to me has one in his set up, my best mate has one in his F1 VR rig, and one in his IT toolkit.

    There's one hooked up to an industrial metal folder because they couldn't get a replacement touchscreen. They've gone through two, first one was destroyed by accidentally dropping it and running over it iirc.

    Never had the problem you describe.

    Only time there's ever an issue is with nearly-dead batteries, or someone plugs it in the back of the PC and the signal can't reach the keyboard.

    Have you tried pairing the keyboard to your old dongle?
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    I wonder, would this work with the steam deck dock? Tempted to buy and take a chance on it
    It will work.
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    Been using this with my living room PC. Haven't tried it with gaming, but its great for handling windows bits
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    Anyone know how good these are to use with Nvidia shield, Media PC ...firestick etc only use I would have for this.
    Hi buddy just giving you a heads up - the green and black chocolate - can get x3 boxes for £5 delivered via our 20% off Amazon code. Usually should cost £30!
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    We have one of these on our media PC. Perfect for it, Highly recommended.
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    Great price for a great keyboard. I've had one of these for years and for conecting to the tv, laptop, anything that takes a usb input for a keyboard these are great. My main go to when building / fixing pc's.
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    Damn was just in here looking for flame-deers now I purchased keyboard lol Thanks OP!
    Lol me too
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    Got the white version and have a kebab sauce stain on it lol

    Tempted to get the black
    49017799-Fymdv.jpgIs that you Lister.
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    Great price, been using one of these for years too. Battery life is excellent. Heat
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    Does it work for fire stick?
    Only with an OTG adapter with power passthrough.
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    FINALLY, still waiting for Currys to honour their order from me. They keep saying its out of stock and coming back in stock soon even thought I bought it when it was in stock!
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    Great keyboard picked up an Italian layout for £8 from Amazon a while back.
    Does the touchpad keep swapping sides?
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    Very good device.
    You wouldn't want to CAD on the touchpad but fine for a lounge PC etc.

    Regularly this price.
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    I have two of the older models they're fantastic. Been going strong last 10 years
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    Worked great when I used to use TV Boxes and then my Pi.

    Heated OP!
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    Excellent for southpaw users
    Us southpaws are inevitably orthodox too by now 🙈
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    Would that work with nvidia shield?
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    Does it have a backlit keyboard?
    If not, does anyone know of a similar version which does?
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    Great keyboard for a living room/media pc. I got one reduced to £26 in a sale a few years ago and thought it was a bargain. Battery life of great too.
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    Will this work on a standard tv? To use with YouTube etc or is a pc required? (edited)
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    Thank you
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    Have one of these - very good keyboard.
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  24. Avatar
    Picked this up at Amazon at this place during Cyber Monday - nice neat unit.
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    PLEASE anyone help me out.

    I have the K800r (which is about 7-8 years old) and the keys are really difficult to press. You struggle writing a sentence comfortably.

    How are these? I have a MX Keys keyboard. Do these feel like that?
    This really isn’t a very good keyboard to type with extensively, it’s really for just typing passwords, general control, browsing internet etc, which it is very good at, and much better than using a game controller or remote.
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    Do these work with an LG TV?
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    Yeah, great keyboard. Nothing else really comes close for couch/bed typing and mouse. Don't forget to install the software (if using on PC) and make changes to your personal choice, OOT box it didn't work as I liked.
    What needed changing?
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    can it work with Xbox?
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    Does it work with ipad 9th generation?
    I'm also wondering the same thing. I have both ipad 9th gen and steam deck, wondering if this works on both those devices.
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    I would imagine this would also be handy when used on a bike for Zwift....
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    Can this be used on a steamdeck?
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    Would this work with an oled lg TV?
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    How is this for macbook? Thinking of hooking my old macbook to tv for occasional streaming

    Also any better options available? (edited)
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