Logitech K400 wireless touch keyboard reduced to £19 in Tesco instore

Logitech K400 wireless touch keyboard reduced to £19 in Tesco instore

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Found it in Bradley Stoke, Bristol Tesco extra store.
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Great keyboard for TV boxes
Paid £22 from Amazon so good price
Have been reduced to £23 for a while now. Good to see it go down again 🏻
Beat me to it, got mine yesterday but had to work late
Bought mine about 2 years ago for £11 with Amazon Prime had it delivered within an hour (So so happy!). Regardless of price anyway on any means they're a godsend. I have one and end up using it on everything - Desktop pc when I'm across the room or plug it into PS4 etc I've dropped it more times then I can remember and it's still not scuffed or died in anyway shape or form and battery life is surprisingly amazing I change the batteries every few months not even because they're dead simply to just keep in fresh ones.

Anyone thats on the fence about these - Grab one at any good reduced price. A friend of mine uses them in his rooms for Raspberry Pi setups and consoles too.

Microsoft media keyboard for £22.99 new from argos ebay. Video comparison:


Personally prefer the Microsoft one. Better spaced keys, extra shortcut buttons, thinner, cleaner design, bigger trackpad,...
Just got one and wanted to post, but I saw it's already been posted.
Three left in Tesco Dudley.
On one display shelf they had a £23 price label, on another shelf they had a £19 one. Scanned at £19.
Saw this in the Prescot store, so it may be a national deal?
Got a few of these, none match the quality of the previous revision (K400r), temperamental trackpad, and mouse clicks that don't register at the point they click, have to press harder beyond actuation point.

...still, a good price!
3 left on the shelf tonight, i nearly bought another but thought i would leave it for others
It may now be a wild goose chase (as is often the case with Tesco deals), but my local store had one of these left and it had gone down to £8.75 - I couldn't resist getting it at that price:


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