Logitech Logi Create iPad Pro 12.9 Keyboard £79.99 @ amazon

Logitech Logi Create iPad Pro 12.9 Keyboard £79.99 @ amazon

Found 24th Jul 2016
Usually £109.99

Same price at John Lewis as well by the looks of it.

I have had the iPad Smart Keyboard and this to me is better. Especially as it's back lit.
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Have this; good price but heavy and not all that protective but does have good keyboard- be warned it's heavy and chunky!
Also same price at Currys:

I've had both this and the Apple Smart Keyboard. At £60 less, this is now a no-brainer. It's VERY nice to type on and the backlit keys are a huge bonus. The downsides? It's heavier (though far more protective) than the Apple version and there have been reports the metal wristrest can scratch the iPad screen. I have a glass screen protector on mine and haven't seen any damage.

People complain about the weight/bulk of this, but bear in mind it's not just a keyboard, it's a complete case. The Apple equivalent offers no back protection and the official Silicone Case is £65 (!!!), bringing the Apple equivalent to £205. oO For full protection with excellent backlit keys, £80 suddenly seems like a bargain.
Price back up to £109.99 at Currys and £98 at Amazon.

Still £79.99 at John Lewis (with 2 year warranty): johnlewis.com/sto…537
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