Logitech MediaBoard Pro Bluetooth Keyboard (PS3) £37.08 @ Lamba-tek

Logitech MediaBoard Pro Bluetooth Keyboard (PS3) £37.08 @ Lamba-tek

Found 24th Nov 2008
Ideal for the PlayStation Network Home service due out any time in the next few weeks.

£50 on Play.com, lots of positive reviews on Amazon. Next day delivery.
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that is pretty expensive just to get the unwired keyboard on ps3!
It's got a trackpad included thats the difference. Logitech make quality products, speakers, steering wheels, headsets.

Not some cheapo model and looks good in gloss black to match.
I bought one of these a few months ago from the same company. Bit expensive if you are just using it with XMB but worth it if you have Linux running aswell.

It does match the PS3 pretty good with the gloss black finish!
It's not just XMB, everyone will need a keyboard of some sort if they don't want to have to always speak on a headset. The chatpaid is £17.99 and looks uncomfortable. I've typed a lot in the last few days being a part of the Home beta and its recommended.
PlayStation Network Home

can you tell me what that is? btw great find
Cheaper at Dabs, so voted cold.

£35.83 inc vat + del

Nice keyboard though...
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