Logitech Mini Optical Mouse £4.99 delivered @ 7dayshop.com

Logitech Mini Optical Mouse £4.99 delivered @ 7dayshop.com

Found 26th Oct 2009Made hot 27th Oct 2009
Good price on a quality laptop , netbook mouse

Use an optical mouse that's perfect for smaller handsand limited workspace.

Ergonomic design: Three-button design is comfortable in either hand.

Optical technology: Tracks smoothly and precisely.

Scroll wheel: Navigate content more easily.

System Requirements
Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows NT®, Windows® 2000, Windows® Me, Windows® XP, Windows Vista
USB or PS/2 port (Windows® 98 or later for USB)
CD-ROM drive

Mac OS® 8.6 or later
USB port
CD-ROM drive
Includes 3ft (90cm) cable


I have used one of these for years with my laptop

Quality mouse and a good size for kids

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=indigo]We currently have this on our main PC. Great little mouse. Can HIGHLY recommend it.[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=indigo]Voted HOT...! :-D[/COLOR][/FONT]

Had one of these for YEARS.

Brilliant mouse, never had any problems.

I have large hands and it feels a decent size to me...

Looking to upgrade actually to a new laser one but this is a bargain.

Heat added. I've been using one for the last year and it cost me a lot more.

Although called 'mini' it is not too small like other laptop mice. Good size and shape for prolonged use without getting hand cramp. I've also accidentally dropped it a few times and usually throw it in my bag among other junk/stationary but still works - so quite durable too.

Fiver for a mouse with a tail.......


Its without a tail and comes with wireless keyboard. and its very good (£11.99)

:roll:sorry - being a bit thick here but is this a USB or a PS2 connection? :thumbsup:

It's got a USB connection, not sure if it comes with a PS2 adapter.

thanks, I too have just placed an order. I've been using one of these smaller types for ages but felt a newer model at this price was worth a fiver.

Thanks, just ordered one :-D

great mouse! still using it with my laptop! HOT HOT

good one.. heated

but have to register with the site

any other good products from the site where i can order at one go?
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