Logitech Multi-Buy offer is Back - 30% discount on total basket at Amazon

Logitech Multi-Buy offer is Back - 30% discount on total basket at Amazon

Found 5th Jan 2017
Looks like the Multi-Buy Deal is back on folks.

From what I can see, it appears they have even more lines this time.

Stone versions of the mx master, more Gaming stuff jump out immediately.

Here's some of my top deals:

(if you want the maximum discount you just buy the cheapest thing in the range which appears to be m185 red and then whatever else from the list you want to unlock the 30% discount. you can buy more than 2 things and the 30% discount is applied to everything!


Add a z906 speaker and m185 red mouse to you basket and get both for £180.10 = £77.18 discount

Add a G910 keyboard to basket and an m185 red and get both for £94.06 = a saving of £40.31

My standout products in the promo are:

MX Master and Anywhere MX 2 Stone colour.
Logitech G Pro Mouse
MK520 Combo keyboard
G403 Prodigy mouse wireless version
c920 webcam
z333 speakers
g933 headset
(m720 mouse) I have not used this but looks like a great mouse.

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Have always found logitech products to be of poor quality. Their after sales customer support is awful
I've always found Logitech products to be of excellent quality. The after sales customer support is a mystery to me, as I've never used it.

Performance MX and G602 mouse both get used hard and working beautifully, like the day they were bought. Might get myself a Master...tempting...
Logitech was truly incredible and generous around 2006. I dealt with their CS recently and I genuinely could not believe how terrible they have become.

So far touch wood, the older stuff has last 10years+. Where as a new mouse recently developed a fault within a week. I ended up getting a refund as the CS was atrocious.
Don't know about your experiences, but my experiences with Logitech have been better than first class.

Issue with the G600 mouse I have where if I use the on board memory to store a profile it glitches occasionally. Newer models were flashable the earlier ones weren't. I have bought via 3rd part reseller on amazon.

CS said the mouse was manufactured like 3 years ago and was out of warranty, I explained I bought on amazon via a 3rd party. Sent them my receipt as proof. They not only just sent me out a new mouse (no just keep your old one and use the PC utility as oppose to onboard memory for the profile) but they gave me a brand new 3 year warranty.
Another vote for Logitech's Customer Support.

I bought a Harmony 500 (I think) Remote a few years back. After about 18 months the keypad had become pretty much illegible as the ink had rubbed off from use. I mailed them about it and they apologised and asked me if I'd accept a brand new Harmony 785 as a replacement?!

I jumped at it, the 785 was a much better spec than the 500 too. Been using it ever since...

Shame the Harmony Remotes aren't in the offer... still waiting on the Ultimate dropping back to pre-Christmas prices
I had to RMA my G602 mouse the end of last year, took them over a month to respond to my support tickets or the tickets were closed without reply. The Logitech forum is full of other users with similar complaints. Once they eventually responded, the service was good, but leaving people weeks on end before providing support is truly unacceptable.

I would seriously have to think about whether I buy any more Logitech premium products if that is the normal level of service these days.

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I agree with the sentiments about Logitech support. I also had a remote replaced by a better model some years ago. The CS was first class, to the point that I always looked at their products first and had a whole range of items manufactured by them.

I then had a Dinovo Mini keyboard go faulty, and they wouldn't entertain repairing or replacing it - CS has deteriorated significantly in recent years. I try and avoid Logitech products where possible these days.
I've only dealt with Logitech support once, for a Harmony One with (swollen) battery issues long after it was out of warranty. It was apparently a known issue and they replaced the whole remote with no issues, and didn't want the original even sent back. Very satisfied.
Had a Squeezebox Boom which I reported faulty, all they wanted was a picture of it with the serial number and receipt sent to them.
They then sent a brand new one to me then I discovered my jack plug extension lead wasn't connected properly causing the interference so I now have a brand new device that's 8 years old sat in the box as my original still serves me well.
Great CS back then.
Great Deal, the Orion G610 stands out for me as a great price at £63.89 with the mouse (although I have that mouse and hate it). A deal for it went pretty hot 6 months ago when it was £70 for the Keyboard alone.
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Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - UK-Layout

Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse - Red
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