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Posted 29 September 2022

Logitech MX Keys, Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard, Black - £77.20 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners

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2 year guarantee included

The stylish Logitech MX Keys, Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard has been created to optimize responsiveness, provide increased key stability and reduce noise when typing.

Designed to save power, the clever backlit keys light up as soon as the proximity sensors detect your hands and will automatically adjust to suit the lighting conditions.

MX Keys follows your MX Master 3 or other Flow-enabled mouse (sold separately) handily from one computer to another, so you can type on multiple devices in one fluid workflow.

Claim either 1 month of Adobe Creative Cloud Membership or 2 months of Adobe Photography Plan at no extra cost (via redemption)

John Lewis More details at John Lewis

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    It's on Amazon as well
    If everyone runs to Amazon, JL will be finished (just like most of the high street) and then it will ONLY be on Amazon who will be able to dictate the price.

    If Amazon can only price match then better to give some trade to others to keep competition healthy.
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    Sorry if I am being dumb - and I appreciate for this it’s a good price. But my keyboard could do with replacing- I would normally buy a bog standard one for £10-15.

    Is this really worth the expense to a normal user?
    To a normal user? Probably not. The MX has 3 hot keys to switch between PC’s. I work from home and have my work laptop, gaming PC and home server connected to it, so swapping between the 3 is easy. The backlit keys are great for nighttime call-outs or late night gaming and they’re nice and responsive and great to type on. Also, the app is awesome and lets you re-map keys to perform specific actions, which I found really useful.

    It’s a great keyboard if you have multiple PCs and like to use them in the dark and can’t be bothered to turn a lamp on, haha. Only downside is the battery life is rubbish if you have the backlight on but it’s rechargeable so not the end of the world.
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    48331114-xDXWA.jpgAbsolute steal at this price. Thanks OP
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    I got both keys and mechanical to compare.

    Have to say i prefered the keys. Looked nicer and the i prefer laptop keys to mechanical ones. I have 2 laptops and this makes switching between them cleaner and easier

    Nice price also as i paid £91 for an amazon warehouse product in July
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    Great deal, but buy it from John Lewis. A UK company paying UK taxes
    They don't make much profit though do they so pretty low tax bill all things considered.
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    Surprised nobody has mentioned that My John Lewis members get 20% off using MYJLLOGITECH code at checkout – applies to many Logitech items.

    Gutted the mouse isn't available.
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    Very, very good keyboard.

    Mace mine paired with an MX Master 3 mouse and use the switching between my windows and Mac desktops...

    Also second the call to buy from JL rather than Amazon where possible.
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    I wish i was in the market for a new keyboard as this is a great deal.
    When someone asks me for "the best keyboard for my office computer" the MX Keys is where i go.
    Not the MX Keys Mini?
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    sorted, amazon chat.

    Thank you for your patience, I have checked and can see that the item is currently listed at a price which is £25.99 less than what you had purchased.
    In this case, I will issue a refund of £25.99 back to your payment method, the amount will reflect in your account in 3-5 days.
    Lucky. They kinda stoped doing that. It's return/rebuy now. Makes no sense, but it is what it is. (edited)
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    How does this compare to the Logitech G915?
    Very different - the MX keys is very slim, much quieter key presses, not mechanical (so feedback is very different) and not at all focussed for gaming. I don't enjoy gaming on the MX Keys at all so swap to a mechanical keyboard for that. (edited)
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    Has anyone experienced issues with the backlight on this keyboard when plugging it into a KVM switch?

    I've read of backlight issues and one proposed solution was to remove any switches from the equation, but I don't know if the switch was actually causing the problem and I need to use a switch for my work/home setup.
    Can you not use the Logitech unifying switcher, I have mine connected to a PC and laptop along with a MX Master 3 mouse.
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    Excellent deal - Thanks OP.
    Replacing my K380 that has travelled many miles and looking a bit tired these days.
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    Great keyboard. Great price.
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    Best keyboard. Worth the money
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    Is there anything similar that allows multi PC control that has full travel keys?
    Yes there's a mechanical MX Keys:


    It's pricey though. (edited)
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    great. bought it for £103 yesterday from Amazon, delivered today
    Its 77.20 on amazon too

    Maybe buy again and return the old one
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    It's a good keyboard, but Logi have made a mess of "upgrading" their receivers. The MX Keys works with a Unifying receiver. Newer mice like the MX Master 3S works with a Bolt receiver - neither are interchangeable.

    The point here is before you buy this keyboard, make sure you are buying a mouse that is wired or uses the same receiver unless you want two USB ports occupied.
    Yeah absolutely, very frustrating. I have the MX Master 3S so have bought the MX Keys Business which works with the Bolt
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    This is so much better than the official Apple keyboard
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    bought this a few days ago from John Lewis for full price.

    is it risky to submit a price drop refund online (rather than return) in case it goes out of stock or would they perhaps still honour it? thanks (edited)
    I’d submit a request for price match - they’re very good in my experience
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    Very good keyboard, works great on Mac and PC. Think that's the main sell for me. Mine looks a little different I think but yes it does have a receiver, unlike my MX3 mouse.
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    How does the switching work, do you get 3 receivers or can it connect directly with Bluetooth like a pair of headphones?
    Bluetooth is fine. I don't use the receiver at all.
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    Wish I'd known about the MYJLLOGITECH code! Bought yesterday and used the code for downloading the JL app for £10 off anything. MYJLAPP.
    Not sure if it stacks with the other codes.
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    Hi, I was looking at the ergonomic keyboard and mouse options with Logitech. Are they worth exploring? I use Macs and see there is a MAC version of this keyboard too although this version is cheaper...Can anyone advise if it matters?
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    Any one else able to use the promo code? When I tried it says invalid.
    You have to be a member of My John Lewis, it's free to sign up.
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    I have the MX Keys Mini and love it. Works very well, feels very nice, battery lasts a while. I don't use it for my main pc/laptop but use it for raspberry pis / steam deck / ipad
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    I've already got one for working from home and love it, but for the £61.76 JL price I'm very tempted to get another one for my other PC, downstairs. I've never seen it that cheap, even used ones in any kind of decent condition.
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    Thanks rds for the code! I had ordered last night but reordered there with the code and will send the original one back when it arrives!

    £61.76 is a very good price for this - excellent keyboard!
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    For anyone who'd like a cheaper alternative with similar functionality, I have one of these and it's really good for switching between my desktop, laptop, and projector;


    No backlight for keys etc, but it does the job pretty well and it's a fraction of the cost of the very pricey Logi one.
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    Note, if you buy this and a matching mouse expecting the 1/2/3 switch keys on the keyboard to switch the mouse... you're going to be disappointed.
    There's a LONG thread on their forums where they're basically saying they're not going to do it, a few user pieces of code that sorta kinda does it... but the reality is that each time you switch the mouse to a different device you'll have to lift it and press the button underneath until it connects to the device you want.

    A small bugbear but enough of one that I wish I'd never spent so much money on the pair of devices.

    As far as typing goes, it's a pretty good keyboard though sometimes there is weird interference (presumably from my work Macbook Pro) that causes double-hits of characters for some reason.
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    Good deal. Just a shame that JL decided to close all their large stores near me .. so if Amazon price match then it’s a done deal 
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    Picked up mine from John Lewis today. Changed from my Anne Pro mechanical, back to membrane. It's very nice to type on, although the backlight going off after five seconds is driving me crazy! There should be an option to extend the timeout period or have it permanently enabled. (edited)