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Posted 29 September 2022

Logitech MX Keys Mini Keyboard + 2 Yr WTY + 1 mth Adobe Creative Cloud Membership or 2 mth Adobe Photography Plan - £61.17 @ John Lewis

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

MYJLLOGITECH gives you an extra 20% off if you're a My John Lewis member (it's free to sign up.) All credit to rds.

Logitech MX Keys Mini, Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard, Graphite

Claim either 1 month of Adobe Creative Cloud Membership or 2 months of Adobe Photography Plan at no extra cost (via redemption)

Surprised by how popular the MX Keys keyboards are here, thought I should give a heads up on this deal for the mini version that I actually prefer to the standard one, as this does not force my mouse holding hand too far away from the center.

I believe TCB should offer cashback as well.

The two months of Adobe Photography membership alone is worth about £15-£20 I believe if that is something you use normally.

Claims must be made by 31/12/2023 to qualify for the offer. Subscription will auto renew if not cancelled at £51.98 per month for Adobe all apps plan or £9.98 per month for Photography Plan.
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    Good price.

    For cheapskates like me, note there's another Prime Day event from 11th Oct, and there MIGHT be further reductions on Amazon Warehouse: 'Used - Like New / Very Good' MX Keys Mini (last time was within the window of £48-58). Wouldn't have this 2 yr warranty though and the box might have some damage (mine just had some extra sellotape on it but the bag around the keyboard hadn't been opened - factory stamp was unmoved).

    Just had a look and doesn't look like a lot of Warehouse stock ready to go for Windows version. Lots of Mac version.
    I got one from Amazon like new used for about £69 and so I wanted to return it and get this one but too bad it’s not in the colour I want. My L
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    What's special about this?
    Was looking at these for a portable option with my laptop but went for the Cooler master SK620 60% keyboard and it's a joy to use. Some great deals around on them at the moment
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    As I mentioned in the comments for the full size version, MYJLLOGITECH gives you an extra 20% off if you're a My John Lewis member (it's free to sign up.)
    Brilliant! That will make it £61.17.
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    I have the full sized version of this with the MX Master 3 for Mac mouse.

    Amazing pieces of kit - incredibly sturdy and reliable. Once you get over the initial outlay, you won't look back.
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    I actually was not too happy about the arrow keys, but I got used to them pretty quickly.
  6. Avatar
    Fantastic deal. Glad I waited for a deal as I was going to purchase a couple weeks back! Thanks for this. Purchased
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    Great price. I use the full sized one with MX Master 3 and highly rate them.
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    This are good enough I have two. One for work and other for at home.

    Great piece of kit
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    I hate the fact that these don’t come with a single, which is an extra £15. It’s cheaper to get the full MX because of this
    It is subjective and depending on what you do. I don't use the num keys much, so this kind of TKL design keep my mouse hand closer to body.
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    I've had a full size Logitech keyboard for years and it's been very good.

    I want something smaller for travel, but think this one is slightly too large and ideally I'd want something cheaper for the occasional use that it will get.
    Try the K380, I think you could get it for around 20 if you are lucky. It however does not have Unifying nor the Flow. It does support BT and multidevice, also takes AAA batteries. The typing experience could be quirky, but I got used to it very quickly. (edited)
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    Graphite is out of stock now.
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    It looks like this uses a new dongle (Bolt) which is not backwards compatible with the older dongle devices (unifying receiver). 
    so if I use this keyboard with my relatively new max master 3 mouse I would need two dongles. Is this correct?
    Bolt is compatible with Max Master 3 mouse and max keys keyboard, I use them both myself.
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    20% code no longer works