Logitech MX Master PC World £59.99

Logitech MX Master PC World £59.99

Found 26th May 2017
Currently £12.99 off the price of the Logitech MX Master making it £59.99
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Excellent Mouse :-)
This is a great price. Excellent mouse and heat added
Very good mouse, although the placement of the thumb buttons isn't ideal. Not a huge issue once you get used to it but it feel a bit unnatural compared to others, especially the G700 that I've had for a while.

I'm not sure I'd pay 60 quid for one. I got mine from Amazon a fair bit cheaper during one of their 20% off two Logitech products deals which come around every so often.
Seconding the opinion that this is a great mouse, very comfy. Apart from the thumb buttons my main gripe is that the battery LEDs are weirdly calibrated. 3 lights seems to last a day, 2 lights lasts weeks, 1 light lasts a day.
Great mouse. Got mine free from work, so this is £59.99 too expensive
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