Logitech MX3200 cordless keyboard/laser mouse £30.77 (almost 50% saving).
Logitech MX3200 cordless keyboard/laser mouse £30.77 (almost 50% saving).

Logitech MX3200 cordless keyboard/laser mouse £30.77 (almost 50% saving).

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First time posting so apolagies for any mistakes!
The reviews for this set are very good, and bearing in mind the savings from Dell its well worth a closer loook, (i just ordered one anyway!)
This advanced cordless desktop lets you enjoy all your PCs media and communication features with leading-edge performance, comfort, and style. Ready for Windows Vista, it includes dynamic search controls that let you find anything, anywhere, anytime. The premium comfort keyboard also provides one-touch control over music and video playback functions, including volume control, playlists and shuffle, and even your favourite Internet calling application. A built-in LCD shows time, battery status and other information. Youll also enjoy ultra-precise performance with a comfortably contoured laser mouse that includes tilt-wheel scrolling, document flip, zoom and battery indicator. USB connection for Windows® XP & Vista. 5-year guarantee.

* New dynamic search helps you find anything, anywhere, anytime
* Sculpted laser mouse for superior comfort and precision
* Touch-sensitive zoom slider for enhanced speed and convenience
* Communication console for easy Internet call management
* One-touch media controls for volume, playlists, play, next and shuffle
* Integrated soft-touch palm rest provides extra support and can help reduce fatigue
* USB connection; Windows® XP Vista
* 5-year guarantee
* Full product support
Price on Dell is £56.99. Take off the 40% deal price, (22.80, until 1st October). 10% on accesories, CODE 4SPPLV7MGCT0F0 (£2.91, until 12th September). Also free shipping, (£7.00 until 31st October).
Brings the total price to pay to £30.77. If you take 3%Quidco off that leaves you sub £30.00 for a great little set.
Cheapest price on a certain auction site is £32.99 and £7.95 postage.


seems like a good price, but i have had a couple of logitach wireless keyboards and given them away.
Voted hot on price though.

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I never have worked out this cold voting business, i thought i had bought a reasonable desktop at a fair price, others think otherwise, share?:p

£27.54 delivered here - ]http//ww…tml

I voted hot because it was a fair price for the product, until Whizzkid linked us to that one. Maybe people don't really consider these items at £30 anyway so it just got voted cold by people who just thought it's expensive for wireless set without realising its features!

For what it's worth i had this set a few months ago and replaced it pretty sharpish.
The mouse is really lightweight even with the batteries in and the 'display' lcd window on the keyboard isn't backlit so very difficult to read in day and night.That said though the feel of the keys when typing is pretty good.

Not voted either way as although it is a good price compared to elsewhere i think it is still £30 wasted.

Hope this helps.

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Maybe its time to look closer at Dells returns policy! Thanks all

Well you could pick this up from PC World and use their price match policy which should get it to you for £29.61

This was discussed in ]THIS thread here a few months ago, although cheaper then.

I work this out to be:

PC World price £79.99
Dell price £34.19
Difference £45.80 plus 10% of this difference equals £50.38
So £79.99 - £50.38 equals £29.61.

I got one of these when the previous post was around. Nice and slim, looks good, very nice mouse, great signal strength and accurate battery monitor/warnings. The LCD display is pointless without a backligh and the letters on the keys are printed a little small for some but a good quality set at this price.

Eh? You knock 10% of the difference off the Dell price.
So, £79.99 - £30.77 = £49.22
10% = £4.92
£30.77 - £4.92 = £25.85



Eh? You knock 10% of the difference off the Dell price.So, £79.99 - … Eh? You knock 10% of the difference off the Dell price.So, £79.99 - £30.77 = £49.2210% = £4.92£30.77 - £4.92 = £25.85http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/editorial/price-match-promise

The price match says 'If you find a lower price for the same product and offer, we'll reduce our price by 110% of the difference – even up to 7 days after purchase'. So they will reduce their own price by 110%, not take 10% of the price difference from the Dell price.

Okay, so the difference is £49.22.
10% of this is £4.92
£49.22 (10%) + £4.92 (100%) = £54.14 (110%)
£79.99 - £54.14 = £25.85

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coffee anyone?:whistling:
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