Logitech Quickcam Communicate STX Plus - now £24.99 @ Argos ! ( was £49.99!)

Logitech Quickcam Communicate STX Plus - now £24.99 @ Argos ! ( was £49.99!)

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Found 17th Sep 2007
This Logitech Quickcam Communicate STX Plus is now half price @ Argos - just £24.99!

Static resolution 640 x 480 pixels * Static resolution (software enhanced) 1.3Mp * Video resolution 640 x 480 pixels * Video resolution (software enhanced) 1.3Mp * Compatible with video instant messaging, Windows®2000 and XP * RL VGA sensor * Manually rotates approx 108° * Zoom function * USB 1.1 and 2.0 connectivity.

Includes: webcam, headset with microphone, QuickStart guide, QuickCam software CD. For more info, click through link or see next post ....


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[CENTER]Cheapest i can see this elsewhere is around £38+[/CENTER]

[SIZE=2][COLOR=indigo]Features continued ..[/COLOR][/SIZE]

* VGA-quality webcam and stylish headset.

* RightLight™ technology provides improved image clarity in dim light.

* Live video 30fps.

* Behind the head stereo headset for crisp, private audio.

* Integrated mic with RightSound™ technology ensures clear, echo-free conversations.

* Privacy shade instantly opens and closes your favourite video calling application.

* Attaches to all types of monitor.

* Includes Logitech Quickcam software (includes link to download HP Photosmart Essential software from the web).

looks like a nice webcam, but is it any good? Advice needed pls, as I'm a bit out of touch with the World of Webcams :lol:

I bought 2 of these from Amazon a couple of years back and they're a cracking bit of kit - easy to use as the mic is built in and works well with Skype Video. Still one of the best webcams on the marrket and is well worth the £25.

I use one of these and they're very good. The flexy-clippy thing is the best mounting device (oo-er) I have ever used. We have one set up in the kitchen so when friends Skype us we can carry on making tea or whatever, and both picture and sound are excellent, even from 25 feet away. £25 is a good price and Logitech is a good brand. Having said all that I find video-chatting over-rated...

i dont have this a friend does and its really good

i even have a older logitech webcam which is still absolutly fine for what i need it to do

i trust the brand

I also have one of these (used for Skype); top quality webcam and a steal @ 25 pounds! :thumbsup:
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For what it's worth, I've never used the headset that came with mine - I've never had to - the integrated mic is first-rate (and wearing a headset make you look like a dick anyway).

I have have the old version of this and paid £49.99 about 10 months ago. Very good web cam. Also mine came with a nice bit of softwere. Face tracking etc.

I think they suck. Drivers are horrid to install.

Just a note, these are not true USB2. Can't recall where I read it but it was a site just about web cams and detailed tests done on each and every make of cam you could think of. Logitech were pulled up for advertising as USB2 then changed their wording. Sorry I can't be more specific but worth a mention.

Stop press........

Found this for the Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX

Cowboy does have another STX listed that is apparently a redesigned USB 2 version. Maybe this is the STX PLUS in which case just forget everything I've previously said about not being USB2 etc etc.

this is the older version, not the "plus"


this is the new updated usb2 "plus" version


the new plus version is only £29.99 inc delivery at Amazon.

[SIZE=2]is it better than Quickcam Pro 5000?[/SIZE]


This was going at amazon a few weeks back for £14.99. Now it's back up in price.
It's really good especially in low light - we use all the time on Instant messenger - bought the daughters some also.


the new plus version is only £29.99 inc delivery at Amazon.

Yeah, and? It's £24.99 here...

The argos one is not the plus version, although it says it in the title. See my previous post no. 12.

It's the Plus... I bought one.


It's the Plus... I bought one.

The write up suggests this however the photo for the item is that of the USB1 version STX. Visit Logitech's site and you will find the PLUS is cosmetically different to that shown by Argos.

Is this cam compatible with Windows Vista OS? :roll:


Is this cam compatible with Windows Vista OS? :roll:

The System Requirements below says XP, but the Logitech webpage implies Vista Compatability. i.e 'Elevate the Power of Windows Vista™ Works with Vista'


o Windows® 2000, Windows® XP
o Pentium® II (or compatible) processor, 500 MHz
o 64 MB RAM (or minimum OS requirement, whichever is higher)
o 200 MB available hard disk space
o USB port
o CD-ROM drive

Technical Specifications

o True VGA (640 x 480) resolution
o Still image capture: 1.3 million pixels (with software enhancement)
o Video capture: Up to 640 x 480 pixels
o Frame rate: Up to 30 frames per second
o Field of view: 42º horizontal
o USB 2.0 certified
o Optics: Fixed focus


It's the Plus... I bought one.

Can you confirm which version it is using post 12 please?

guys is it definately the newer USB2.0 STX PLUS that Argos are doing? I guess the only way to check is to go in store and look at the packaging and check if it looks like the latest version eh!


Can you confirm which version it is using post 12 please?

Certainly. I can confirm that it is definately the plus.

I'm not beside it at the moment, but I can take a picture of it later. It's definately the plus.

You really don't need USB 2.0 on a webcam. USB 1.1 is good for up to 12mbps which is way in excess of what any basic webcam is going to require.

Picked up two of these yesterday works a treat. Even works for mac os x with mac cam installed

Got myself one yesterday and yes it's the plus. Only problem i had was installing it. I used the cd and at the start it checked for updates and said there were none. After it installed i checked again and there were updates but when i downloaded them it wanted to install the camera all over again. I tried a few times but the same thing.Deleted everything and went to logitech website, downloaded all the software and it's now working fine.
when i just used the cd it would freeze on all but the 320 x 240 setting, but now it's fine.

I have one of these already & have just bought another to send to the In-Laws in Brazil - Great little camera for a great price - Thanks for the post - Heat & rep left 4U!

Got one for my parents - great product for the price, and even comes with free headset!

Thanks OP, heat and rep added.

got one last week, the headset is a nice plus (worth maybe £10 on its own) and you can pretty much expect decent support from Logitech. I have mine working with Vista no problems, unlike much of that ****** PCLine/MSI webcams that are floating around for £15-£25.

Top product
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