Logitech S715i Award winning Rechargeable speaker system/docking station now £50 at Tesco Instore

Logitech S715i Award winning Rechargeable speaker system/docking station now £50 at Tesco Instore

Found 27th Jan 2013
Saw these in Wrexham store with a yellow ticket priced at £50. There were 4 on the shelf. Don't know if it's national. They are £75 on the website, the same price as Amazon.

What Hi-Fi 2012 best docking station under £200 (it was tested with a price tag of £100) this unit will charge both ipods and iphones (not the 5) while in use through the mains. There is also a 3.5mm aux input for mp3 players and other phones. The unit will also run for up to 8 hours on it's rechargeable internal battery but in practise it's between 4-6 hours.
I use ours in the bathroom connected by 3.5mm jack lead to my HTC phone, really pleased with it and it looks good. Bought mine from Amazon for £57.50 before Xmas and this price makes it even better

A couple of links below for reviews. Hope it helps someone.


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ive had one of these since they first came out at £150 and have been VERY happy with it
awesome little unit
Been really looking for a good speaker dock.
How good is the sound? how loud isit? I mean does it fill a living room or a garden bbq so to speak.
any info would be great
We have one of these, really good sound, not something for a huge party, but quality of sound and plays relatively loud, we have used ours in the garden through the summer and also on the beach - it is also our main music source at home - the ipod touch is constantly in it - normally playing music through tune-in app.

At £50 a steal, but don't expect the system to raise the roof if you want REALLY loud music.
Confirmed Hartlepool extra
testfreaks have this rated as no1 logitech ipod speaker dock and 2nd overall speaker dock.
3 left barnstaple at extra
Just got myself one from Redditch. Cheers OP
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