Logitech squeezebox 3 £134.94 @ Amazon
Logitech squeezebox 3 £134.94 @ Amazon

Logitech squeezebox 3 £134.94 @ Amazon

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This is the cheapest I have seen this in stock though you can get is for £129.99 from PC world for collect instore, though it had none near me.

Its large, elegant display shows track titles, artists and menus: you can browse by genre, artist or playlist, or randomly mix your music.

The Logitech® Squeezebox also gives you access to a practically limitless number of Internet radio stations, even when your PC is switched off. It works with PC, Mac and Linux, and supports compressed and uncompressed music files.

SlimServer 6.5 powers the Squeezebox network music player and is the best software to stream your music. It supports MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, WAV and more.


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strange all the cold voting as this is the lowest price this device has been at.

Voted hot.

This is just about the best value for money vs sound quality system available. Yes there are cheaper things which are similar but not up to the sound quality of the Squeezebox.

I'm after a Duet myself which are around £250.

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you can get a duet for £226 from logitect themselves using the 20% off voucher

£99.99 receiver delivered here - ]http//ww…876

You should have probably put the PC World price of £129 in the title rather than the Amazon one. You may have got less Cold votes. I Think this is a pretty hot deal though, a lot cheaper than most places.


£99.99 receiver delivered here - … £99.99 receiver delivered here - http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/Product_ID/3876

That's not the same unit, it doesn't come with the Duet remote.

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the reason was that there are probably not many left available from PC world (only one place in East Anglia) but you are probably right, should have posted the PC world link.

Hi,hot,price as well.Some still like this to a Duet.
DAC in it gets compared to a £300 to £400 standalone CD player.If you have a even better DAC,all the more better.
If you want quality HiFi signal from a PC,this is one of the ways to go.

Cheers BOB

ps If voted cold,shows up how much peeps know.
Mind as long as those who do know or are looking for one etc,don't miss it,it don't matter.
Not arguing about a £1 or so,this will show how good,Hot & Cold are
It was a bargain for £210 etc,compared to other quality HiFi sound from a PC options.

pps Sound quality between this & Duet,no difference by all accounts.

Voted hot, very good price of the peice of kit.


you can get a duet for £226 from logitect themselves using the 20% off … you can get a duet for £226 from logitect themselves using the 20% off voucherhttp://www.hotukdeals.com/item/172922/logitech-duet-network-media-streame/


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shame that looked like a good discount

Hot hot? There is 4p to be saved on beans, how can you ruin this forum by posting this dross.

Hi,agreed,2 empty baked bean tins,a piece of string(lenght?)& youv'e cracked it!!!

Cheers BOB

Quality piece of kit - got one from PC World, absolute bargain.

Agreed though - nowhere near as good as saving 17p on beans and sausages.
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