Logitech Squeezebox Duet 219.95 @ Richersounds

Logitech Squeezebox Duet 219.95 @ Richersounds

Found 27th Dec 2009
The cheapest online at the moment thanks to the Sales.

I wont complicate too much in the description but you can read more about it here:



Got a Squeezebox receiver before Christmas. Great device when it works problem is it rarely connects, wakes up or is seen from the software, remote or iPhone.
Still £140 for the remote whichis insane IMO. If you re tempted and have an iPhone check out iPeng which is £5.

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You can get the reciever for £80-£90 but not all of us have an iPhone or Ipod Touch so using the remote is the next available thing. You can get the Sonus but thats about £700+ mark.

The Logitech Classic V3 comes with a remote but thats about £180 so you're better off with this combo in my opinion. Buelligan was there something with your network, was it in range. With wireless devices you have to let it pick up a signal before it will start to work. If you have it constantly on wireless it will kill the device.

Morning Schizo, as you say If you do not have an iPhone then you have no choice (other than using Softsqueeze) than buy the remote for £140. Given the fact that you can buy a Netbook for not much more than that it seems a bit steep for a glorified controller.

I configured my Squeezebox up using the NET:UDAP utility and it is now wireless back to my Sky Netgear router which is 10' away in the nexy room. Signal is fine, finding the router and getting an IP address are fine but it eiher goes to sleep after boot (runs through lights and goes dark) or is on ie. blue light but canot be seen from my iPhone, Softsqueeze or Squeezecenter.

What's this about wireless wull kill the device?!! Doesn't seem much point to the device If you have to keep it wired? :?

Not me voting cold btw.

Hot(ish), cheapest I've seen elsewhere is £230 @ broadbandstuff.co.uk ( + delivery maybe)

I have one of these and got it off a well known internet auction site from Germany. Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best gadget I have (apart from iphone) and you can use iphone (ipeng app) as an additional controller.:gift:

No problems with it here. Or my Squeezebox Boom. Great devices. It's more than likely YOUR wireless network setup if you are having problems .....

(Check the help on the forums here forums.slimdevices.com/ind…php)

Along with a Popcorn hour one of the best gadgets I own.
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