Logitech Ultimate Ears MetroFi 170 Noise Isolating Earphones - £9.99 @ Play

Logitech Ultimate Ears MetroFi 170 Noise Isolating Earphones - £9.99 @ Play

Found 10th Jun 2010
These were posted last week some time but Play put the price upto around £17.99. Back down now though.

Mine turned up and they are REALLY nice. For me they sound a lot better then the Sennheiser CX500/CX300, even straight out of the packet. Can't recommend them enough...

MetroFi 170 Noise-Isolating Earphones

Listen to your personal soundtrack as you commute, run errands or do whatever it is that makes you "you." With a lightweight design and three different-sized silicone ear-cushions that let you pick your fit, the MetroFi 170 is comfortable enough to put them in and forget them. Get seriously clear sound that doesn't need to blast your ears in order to hear every note, or every car horn.

Further features of the Ultimate Ears MetroFi 170

Fits your life
These Ultimate Ears MetroFi 170 earphones come with three different-sized silicone ear-cushions. These changeable ear-cushions mean that you can find the perfect fit for your ears, resulting in a more comofortable listening experience. Whatever size you choose, the earbuts are designed to have a secure fit, meaning that they are durable enough to stay in place and keep up with you on the go.

Great Sound
The Metrofi 170s deliver and authentic sound quality which means you can hear your music clearly and cleanly. The high performance dynamic speaker will make your favourite tunes sound great, and with 16dB noise isolation you'll notice the difference.

Details that matter
The Ultimate Ears MetroFi 170 headphones come with a pocket-sized carrying case to protect your earphones. It's also light enough that it doesn't add bulk so you can comfortably carry it wherever you go. Plus, each earbud is colour coded, making it easy to see which ear is which at a glance. Remember- right = red! And the gold plated 3.5mm jack means these handy headphones are perfect for all your listening needs.


I thought it was these that were posted?


I am tempted, my Sennheiser CX300 look they are about to die (again). You can't moan for a tenner!

I have just had a good look at the specs on Play for the 170s and 220s - and apart from a bit of chrome and being £8 more I can't tell any difference for the 220s. I assume there probably is though.

A tenner is a good buy, especially if they don't fall apart or die like the Sennies seem to do every 3/4 months.

So are these very good fakes like the Sennheisers or actually proper quality headphones?

For the money I would get


I have used both these and the EX35's (used to be £9.99 now £12.99) and they are excellent budget headphones.

I took a punt on these, they arrived yesterday and I am really pleased with the things. They seem a sturdier construction than the CX-300s / EP-630s I and my kids have had in the past. The sound quality seems very good on the basis of ten minutes trying assorted MP3s (hardly a thorough test I know.)
I hope that helps

I went for some, we shall see what they are like. Apparently the audiophiles quite like these, got to be a good sign!

I got a pair of these for my ipod (crumby ipod phones had worn out). For the price they're quite good. They're definitely better than the ones you get with the iPod. The sound is a bit better but not emphatically so. Also, the 'technology' is more to do with the ear plug material blocking external sound out rather than any special technology delivering stereo sound IMO. Nonetheless, probably worth a punt if you need some new headphones.


They're definitely better than the ones you get with the iPod.

Not to be sarky or disrespectful, but you don't say? :thinking:

I went for these if only because they look fairly sturdy

I have some EP 630s which have last about a year & a half but now one of the earpieces has a loose connection & keeps cutting out

The EP 630s are not sturdy enough for regular use - the back of the earpieces come away from the front part fairly easily (e.g. if you accidently step on them) so are quite easy to damage


Yep, you are correct...they are exactly the same, minus the chrome … Yep, you are correct...they are exactly the same, minus the chrome look.Frukoz what do you mean by fake? This is direct from Play, who I doubt are selling counterfeit goods? :P2-year (limited) warranty too by the way

I bought some CX300s from play and they fell apart after a few months. Loads of fakes floating round. I'm not really complaining coz they are super cheap and very good copies, but just be aware that if you are going to buy headphones, make sure it's not through one of the resellers.


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