Logitech Vantage™ USB Microphone - £9.99 @ Logitech

Logitech Vantage™ USB Microphone - £9.99 @ Logitech

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Found 9th Sep 2010
RRP £19.99

USB microphone with high-quality audio for more fun with your favorite singing games.


Such a shame ridiculously overpriced delivery from Logitech, and no active codes seem to work at the moment - would've bought this otherwise :-(

2 USB mikes from CEX for 3 quid delivered uk.webuy.com/pro…001 - will work fine with a PC!

EDIT - the above product is not USB
Edited by: "dwl99" 10th Sep 2010

Does this one or the CEX Pair work with the music games on the Wii that need a mic?

They certainly should do

When I'd looked and asked before, the singstar mics are 3.5mm jack and not usb. If someone could clarify this for sure or check with shops beforehand.
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