Logitech Wireless Mouse £12.27 @ Tesco

Logitech Wireless Mouse £12.27 @ Tesco

Found 23rd Jan 2010
It was on sale on my local tesco extra at gallions reach in london.There was some ex-display laptops as well for good price but most off them missing some keys on keyboard.Some one might find it useful.


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Mouse model is black M205.they had some pink color one with a small nano receiver as well.

I've got this mouse and it is excellent if you're looking for a high quality basic mouse. No extra buttons or anything like that, but great for occasional use on a laptop. Battery has also lasted about half a year and still reports battery as "Great" which is ridiculous.

Just to emphasise blizzard7, I've also been a happy user of a wireless logitech mouse for some time now therefore highly recommend the investment..

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