Logitech Wireless Mouse M305 - £3 @ Tesco (Instore)

Logitech Wireless Mouse M305 - £3 @ Tesco (Instore)

Found 29th Sep 2011
Sorry! i know its another tesco deal but i went to my local tesco as was deperate for a mouse, their own brand stuff was £7-8 but there was a sign for logitech corded mice for 50p! but they had all gone! they also had 4gb memory stick self edge label for £1.25 but they had all gone too.
BUT they did have a logitech M305 wireless mouse for £3!
I got the las one from long eaton tesco. Came home and the cheapest online is £12ish so deffo a bargain dunno if they are updating the logitech range. But maybe something else to just have a nosey at whilst hunting for the other random deals?
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Hahaha, Logitech M305 for 3 quid you say? doh, so many of us just ordered stuff from logitech's own site, cause we got a £29.95 wireless mouse for free... the M305!

oh well, them earphones better be worth it
is this 2 for £7...LOL!

anyone watch watchdag?
why do my local Tescos NEVER have any of the bargains in them! grrrrr!
Just picked one up in tesco llanelli
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