Logitech Wireless Music System for PC - £59.97 (store collection)

Logitech Wireless Music System for PC - £59.97 (store collection)

Found 11th Nov 2006
Logitech 980414-0120 Wireless Music System for PC is available for just £59.97 to collect in-store @ PCWorld.co.uk

Good price for this Wireless Music System. £77.83 @ Amazon; £71+ p&p at Dabs.com

Description : Enjoy your digital music - in uncompromising digital audio quality - anywhere in your home. The Wireless Music System for PC works with your existing PC media player - and with any type of music: downloads, subscription services, and even Internet radio. It connects to any type of speaker system, whether it's your home stereo system or powered multimedia speakers.The Wireless Music System for PC is a complete solution that consists of just three components: a USB transmitter that plugs directly into your computer, a receiver that connects to your home stereo speakers, and a remote control that allows you to adjust volume and select tracks from your listening room. Just plug it in and play the music. All without wires, all without hassle. It's just that simple!

Features : Easy to set up | Use it with your existing media player software | Supports all music formats | Use it with your home stereo or powered multimedia speakers | Enjoy and control music anywhere in your house | Wireless range extends up to 100m


Description looks good and nice price compared to other retailers Thanks edi!

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You are welcome Ray

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I really want a audio streamer for my PC and the price of this is excellent!

One question though - does anyone have one as most of the other products I have looked at have a display so that you can see how you are moving around your libray of music - this ones does not seem to have one which would be difficult if you are in another room to navigate.

I am not meaning to put a downer on this post as the price is great but I am really interested in buying one. The PC world link has a video that demonstrates the product but it does not cover this issue.

Good point Stan A display would be nice, but as you say, it doesn't appear to have one.

thanks for this edi:)

Same item available for £65+shipping from komplett but was only £33+ a few weeks back when i bought one.Just keep checking back as this is a very cheap way to stream music to any sound system

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