LOGITECH Z 4 2.1 Speaker System - £38 delivered @ Laskys

LOGITECH Z 4 2.1 Speaker System - £38 delivered @ Laskys

Found 25th Aug 2008
Give your music new depth while adding some sophistication to your desktop. Speakers: 2 satellites, 1 subwoofer and a wired remote control.

* 2.1 Speaker type
* 40 watts Watts RMS
* 35Hz-20KHz Frequency response
* Volume control

Possible Quidco Too!


Hmm I thought it seemed pretty expensive and was going to go straight for a cold vote, looking around though it seems a decent price for the system.
I'll give you my ~8 degrees :thumbsup:

This is a very good price. I own a set and am extremely pleased, paid £43 a year ago + del and would pay it again. Since then they have gone up to £50 from where I purchased them so hot for me!

I thought they looked ok too... then I saw:
"Colour ALMOND" :-(

Original Poster

am pretty sure they only make these speakers in black and white so its most deffo an incorrect description.:thumbsup:

Have got decent reviews.... ciao.co.uk/Rev…827
Seems a decent price too! heat added..

i bought these recently and they are simply AMAZING!! great price as i paid £50 for them from comet......don't know why ppl are voting cold

the max output is 80 watts! and trust me they produce quality sound, i have them hooked up to my samsung 32" through the headfone jack and they look like they are made for each other, 360 games sound awesome.


Yep ....Hot Deal :-D

Got this setup myself and they are the best!

Good price for good speakers.
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