Logitech Z5450 'THX Certified' WIRELESS 5.1 Surrond Sound - £ 221.87
Logitech Z5450 'THX Certified' WIRELESS 5.1 Surrond Sound - £ 221.87

Logitech Z5450 'THX Certified' WIRELESS 5.1 Surrond Sound - £ 221.87

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* Eliminate the clutter of rear speaker wires
* Listen to crystal-clear, high-quality audio
* Experience earth-shaking bass
* Experience the full sonic experience of a movie theater
* Enjoy smoother frequency response
* Use it on your desktop or in your entertainment center


Thanks jack1974uk for the deal post. Welcome to HotUKDeals - hope to see more deals from you!

We try to include a price in the thread title, so I've added that in for you, and a picture as well.


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opps sorry, thanks for the tip.

Bought one of these babies last week, can't rate it highly enough. Works brialliantly with my new samsung lcd

oh I was looking for a guide/instructions/rules thread most forums have, i can't find one. Is their one?


We have ][COLOR=blue]FAQ[/COLOR]at the top, in the green bar.

In the "deal request" and "for sale" forums there are more specific rules to follow. There are always mods around to keep you right, so don't worry

and cops like me

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lol thanks m8, just wanted to make sure i didnt step on anyones toes. Off topic but have to say really nice site you guys have got here. Saved me some decent money over the last few weeks, thought it was time i stopped leeching. Anyway thanks for the friendly welcome


how are the speakers powered ?!? looks good

Decent looking kit Thanks for the pointer!

Welcome to HotUKDeals from me too by the way


how are the speakers powered ?!? looks good


You have to plug the speakers into the mains, it's the audio signal that's wireles....

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Thats right. The two rear speakers audio is transmitted wirelessly. I have some power sockets behind the sofa area so it was no trouble setting it up.

I was initally worried about interferiance from the wireless network and video sender but it was fine. All my neighbours seems to have wireless networks, i can normally pick up about 5-6 and it still works fine

Dont wish to spoil the party but ive noticed these are selling on Ebay as a BUY IT NOW brand new for £178.99 + £15 postage.;-)

Heres the link..*********************

MOD EDIT - eBay link removed

Yes, but the ebay price doesn't appear to include VAT, making it a more expensive than Amazon.

Apparently the rules say that you can't give a link to a product or seller on eBay:(

A quick Google search has revealed 2 cheaper prices (including P&P):grin: (but I've not heard of either of these 2 sellers before)

£197.99 here

£209.09 here

Hey Spens, I didnt know you were on here

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yeh I saw them too, but didnt know if they were kosher. Amazon are so thats why i bought off them


Hey Spens, I didnt know you were on here

Aye aye....small world isnt it !!!:thumbsup:

What is this is a family reunion or something?

ODonnyBoy - The Pyramid store price is without shipping, not sure how much it is, their help section just said it would be charged by weight so I imagine it's not too cheap. The Ballicom site didn't have any help info on shipping costs and I didn't bother to create an account so I could go through checkout.

Now £218.99 Delivered
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