Logitech Z623 2.1 Multimedia Speakers - 200W RMS (RRP £125) £84.98 @ Ebuyer

Logitech Z623 2.1 Multimedia Speakers - 200W RMS (RRP £125) £84.98 @ Ebuyer

£84.98£135.8037%Ebuyer Deals
Found 20th Jul
Noticed a price drop in eBuyer for these 200W speaker system from logitech. Everywhere else appears to be selling these for about £125.
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Thanks for posting @i2pm , very good price
200w rms!
Been this price for a while as was previously posted couple weeks back for same price and site.
majorwedgy8453 m ago

http://noaudiophile.com/Logitech_z623/ not exactly glowing :s

Tell me a better value product for that kind of money?
TellyLover6 h, 13 m ago

Tell me a better value product for that kind of money?

What's your definition?
majorwedgy8424 m ago

What's your definition?

A similarly powered system that is better regarded by "audiophile" reviewers at £85.
Well if power is your criteria then maybe not.
I Bought the Z625 for £125 like 3 days ago. they are basiclly the same .
Good speakers tho
These punch above their weight, it helps that the satellites are not ported (I've said this elsewhere - the sub deals with most of the low end which makes for a tighter low end). At this price I think they're a decent deal. Audiophiles will hate them, but take it from someone that's actually used to listening to pro studio speakers... these are some of the better 2.1 systems that Logitech make.

I have more of a problem with build quality. The usual flaky mini-jack connectors (but thankfully there are RCAs as well which are a step up), and a sometimes-intermittent power button that doesn't always completely engage, leading to crackling. They're not perfect.

Feed them from a decent DAC / audio interface, not crappy on-board motherboard audio. This does help.
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These are decently loud, I use them on half volume, otherwise too low. I got the newer version of this with optical in, for better compatibility. Will work as better speakers for any TV than most of the Sound bars available for similar price.
It has some digital circuitry in it (like DSP), that blocks out the hissing noises when operated on idle.
majorwedgy8420th Jul

http://noaudiophile.com/Logitech_z623/ not exactly glowing :s

There is only one set of speakers under $200 reviewed on this site that's supposedly better than this (it's Micca PB42X) I don't think they are available in Europe and don't have that kind of power. Plus, for gaming, it's nice to have that extra base. I don't think they claim to be audiophile speakers...
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