Logitech z623 PC speakers £96.99 Amazon

Logitech z623 PC speakers £96.99 Amazon

Found 19th Dec 2016
at 96.99, absolutely awesome deal for anyone looking for a set of 2.1 speakers.

I bought a set of the bigger brother 906's a few weeks ago and am totally impressed with how much sound you get for the money. My guess is that for under 100 quid you probably won't find a better set of speakers.


Also looks like this is the joint lowest price it's ever been


Paid £130 for these a week ago... They are very loud with a lot of bass i cant see many flaws with them but i aint an audiophile

Ordered these: Logitech 980-000403 yesterday morning for £70 but it seems to have a different reference hope there the same.

There is still 1 in stock in 'Like New' condition £76.80:


noticed this price around 1am and they had 1 Very good no scrach etc for £90 so put it in the basket and looked for a tablet mount (also used) to make it over £100 to get the £30off voucher and someone bought it

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I got these when the first come out, they sound great even now. 2 x 3.5 inputs one on the speaker and one on the sub, and one RCA on the sub, they can all be used at the same time without having to push any buttons. The sound is awesome, only issue that I've personally had is with the scratch dry volume button.
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