L.O.L lil sisters series 3 £6 - Pre order now at the entertainer

L.O.L lil sisters series 3 £6 - Pre order now at the entertainer

Found 10th Jan
Whilst I appreciate this is not a deal as such but these LOL dolls are currently one of the most sought after toys..
Series 3 lil sisters are now available for pre order from the entertainer with an estimated shipping date of the 19th January..
£6 per ball
Limited to 3 per customer
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I do not agree with this toys fever, its plastic and should not worth more than £2
I can not believe how people went crazy to buy the big ball for £70+
I appreciate our children needs but they must understand the value of the toys too, we should not be a material to make these companies more richer while we struggle to save few pennies for everyday expenses or holiday etc..
My daughters friend at school buy one each week, so thats £40 / month!!!
And the thing is: this is not a type of toys you buy once, no! They want to have all the collection.
Big sister, lil sister and pets too
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Toto. I wholeheartedly agree, but you try to impose that wisdom on an enthusiastic child eager to receive one of these. Nobody is forcing you to buy them, but sometimes a parent has to just accept they are being ripped off in order to give a kid a treat.
I hate these; YouTube is full of tatty videos of girls screaming and opening them, making out how fantastic they are; when the reality is that they are tat that wont get played with more than once.

I used to detest Pokemon cards, but at least there was some longevity behind them.

I refuse to let my daughter have them.
Toto I agree with you they are way over priced and I refused to buy the big surprise ball..
However my daughter loves these and plays with them all day everyday. We don’t just ‘buythem’, I reward my children weekly on their school work/behaviour jobs at Home etc with pocket money. Then if my daughter decides to save it up and buy these dolls with it, that’s her decision. She used to buy a magazine (mainly for the toy on the front) and some sweets for the same price and to be honest I’d much prefer her to read her book and get one of these instead! I’m sure sometimes when you get paid you buy stuff that you don’t really need or that’s over priced but it’s your treat and for me it’s the same for my children..
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