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London to Dalaman (Turkey) August 2023 Summer from £96pp return @ WizzAir

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Various dates & times available

From london luton/Gatwick

To turkey: dalaman, istanbul & antalya

Mad cheap dates. Also add on 20kg checked bag return for only £44pp

WizzAir More details at WizzAir
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    Always surprised at the comments on wizz. Out of all the budget airlines, this is always the best experience we have.
    If nothing goes wrong, which is the norm, then all airlines are fine.

    The problem with Whizz has been how they’ve dealt with issues when something has gone wrong. Have a few Eatern European families at my child’s school. Limited options for them to go home, with Whizz being one of the few that flys to a nearby airport.

    Last year (summer and Easter), lots of them had their flights cancelled. That wasn’t unusual for any airline. What was unusual was they offered no replacement and held onto the money for months. Some were left finding a flight home and still having their money held by Whizz.

    Bear in mind this is during school hols and we’re talking about a grand for some families. Many of them simply couldn’t afford to have that stuck with Whizz and shell out again for an expensive flight with another airline. (edited)
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    Definitely never ever book with these, we have had three lots of flights cancelled with these after booking accommodation and parking.
    Didn't lose any money just a complete pain in the rear
    Helpful as I was tempted by them to make an affordable ski trip, I'll heed your advice and remove them from my options
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    I recommend anyone who has had issues with Wizz to raise a complaint/claim through aviationadr.org.uk/

    Last year my flight was cancelled 2.5 hours before take off. I was told by staff the next flight wasn't for 3 days (pointless for a 6 day break) but that if I wanted to book with another airline I could and would be refunded. After the holiday I tried to claim a refund and at first Wizz refused to refund anything other than my outgoing flight (£70, and the agent MyTrip really took the **** by then charging me £30 admin fee to transfer me the money). They also ignored my GDPR requests for a recording of the conversation that I had a reference number for.

    I went to ADB which took months, but eventually I got a refund for the original outgoing Wizz flight, a refund for the new flight I had purchased, plus €400 compensation for the cancellation because it was over 1,500km flight.

    I think you are usually only entitled to a new flight refund or compensation and not both but I got lucky. I don't think I'd have gotten anything if it weren't for going through ADR and Wizz tried to dispute the original claim at first but ADR went back to them a second time to argue on my behalf.

    The lesson I learned was not to use Wizz and to book directly with the airline you're flying with.
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    Honestly the worst airline ever.. my flight got delayed by 24hrs and I still haven't received my compensation. I've been chasing them for 5 months!
    Refer the complaint to the CAA or submit a small claims form, that'll wake them up.
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    Terrible airline
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    Can you trust WizzAir? Just pulled out of Cardiff and pulled out of DSA ( probably caused it's closure), all with very little notice . Horror stories about customer service. Don't think I'd risk my holiday on them. (edited)
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    Screenshot/example dates please. I can't find anything at this price
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    Wizz by name, wizz by nature.

    With the price of air travel going up though, may be all us plebs can afford.
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    Can’t find anything near the prices stated.
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    Wizzair manage to be worse than Ryanair for headline grabbing prices, then there is the admin fee, and the seats are very expensive compared to others - £19 for a recent flight I booked for the cheapest on the plane. Admittedly if you are on a tight budget, you can opt not to choose a seat, but the admin fee rankles, it is mandatory, so why not just include it in the pricing.
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    Total scam of an airline…. Even people working at airport said this.
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    Travelled with them several times and not a single time did the flight take off on time . Varied delays from 1.5 hours to 5 hours but have been fortunate that none of my flights got cancelled. Given the choice assuming all else is the same I would fly Ryanair or easyJet any day , (edited)
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    They were on the news this week sold too many tickets , Carnegie at the check-in
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    They would of gone bust by then! An airline company in steep decline clearly struggling. I would avoid booking with them to avoid hassle and disappointment.
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    Vowed to never fly with these fraudsters again. They sold my seat leaving me stuck abroad. They refused to compensate me until I took them to arbitration after which they coughed up. Avoid at all costs.
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    Serious question to all the negative Nancy's that have commented, why is this airline still running? Why have they not been put out of buisness?
    I'm worried now, i have a summer holiday booked with them...last thing I want is any issues (edited)
    Have you booked the whole holiday with them or just flights?
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    Flew with them from LGW thrice last/this year, to Málaga in April, Athens in November and Sharm El Sheikh over Xmas. Apart from painfully slow check in, return leg from Málaga being slightly delayed and the plane back from SSH being absolutely filthy, I've encountered no problems. I have booked LGW-Antalya in August in the hope my run of luck will continue.
    Hi what dates did you book and costs please
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    Wizzair are like the Evri of the Airline world
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    They are the worst airline.