Londis & Budgens launch Twix Fino, free with The Sun!

Londis & Budgens launch Twix Fino, free with The Sun!

Found 9th Sep 2010
(I've put 20p as the price as although the twix is free, you have to pay 20p for the newspaper)

Londis and Budgen's have apparently teamed up with the The Sun to offer free samples of the new Twix Fino. Looking into it the new Twix is only being offered in small independant stores, and rolling out to major supermarkets early next year.

"To claim their free bar customers simply take the voucher included in the Friday 16 September issue of The Sun to their local Budgens or Londis store."

I have to give this a try!
Less calories than a normal twix, I just hope it tastes as good.


strange taste.just another pointless twist on a known brand

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Ahh that's a shame, i'm still going to try it though...I really like wafer!

I loved it.. : )

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I bought one on my lunch break, I really like it!

Bump because I just seen this post and the offers in tomorrows paper

the sun newspaper is 25p again btw has been for a few weeks

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I remember when it was only 10p...lol.

And it's out Friday, looks like the website I got the quote from said the wrong date, the Friday is actually correct but the date is Friday 17th, not Friday 16th.
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