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Pepsi Max Original £6.50 at Londis
02/08/2020Expires on 02/08/2020LocalLocalPosted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsi… Read more

Same price is Tesco Express and the Cherry flavour also! Good deal (y)


£5.99 In Morrisons


same price in mcColls or pay £1 more for another 6 cans in asda £7.50 for 30


Confirmed. Hot.

Match makers - all flavours - £1 - LONDIS
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Posted 1st Nov 2019Posted 1st Nov 2019LocalLocal
Match makers - all flavours - £1 - LONDIS
Not sure I would ever pay £3.49 but £1 and you can get the set for a fiver! (Gingerbread flavour not shown!)

Makes a pleasant change to whatever bag of chocs is down at £1 in Tescos!


When are these never £1?


They're just price matching Tesco.


LOCAL ???????????????????????????


Same price in Morrisons. https://groceries.morrisons.com/search?entry=matchmakers

Local Londis (Weymouth) A&W Root Beer 12x355ml cans (£1.16 p/can) £13.99
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Posted 3rd Aug 2019Posted 3rd Aug 2019LocalLocal
Local Londis (Weymouth) A&W Root Beer 12x355ml cans (£1.16 p/can) £13.99
For anyone who remembers MC's root beer, this is close as it get's. Cheap compared to online.
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Yeah me too it costs poor folks a fortune thats all it has done - if a kid likes a sugary drink putting the price up aint gonna stop them squealing until the parents buy em it! Ever seen a kid given a non sugar Vanilla Coke - my brothers went spare when they tasted the new non sugar version. Now its £24.99 for a crate of 18 cans admiteddly the American cans are 350ml not our pishy 330ml! I like America! (shock) (mad)


The only benefit of the sugar tax is that it has made imported beverages appear less overpriced, so I've ended up drinking more than I might otherwise do. Unintended consequences and all that.


Lol yep, would not scan at the self checkouts.


Yes, I tried a bottle of that recently. I found it slightly heavy on the anise and licorice but not unpleasant. The Tesco price is initially deceptive as it is priced by the bottle but is displayed in a four pack. A&W (South East Asia version) is my current preference. I used to really like IBC, which I was able to buy in Wimbledon about 30 years ago but haven't found since.


Yeah I like the wintergreen taste and Carters has it in spades but the Bunda was just as you say a bit fruity and nothing like Root Beer! There arent many places that sell Root Beer up here I usually have to order all my fizz now from Amazon or Americanfood retailers because of that fudd Jamie Oliver he needs a good slap upside the head! (mad)

WKD new flavour Pink Gin - £2.99 @ Londis
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Posted 10th Jul 2019Posted 10th Jul 2019
WKD new flavour Pink Gin - £2.99 @ Londis
WKD are doing a pink gin flavour only available in Londis £2.99

70ml 4 percent


anyone tried it? whats the verdict?


What % and bottle size?

Machine Car Wash - Super Shiny and Excellent value - £3.49 instore @ Londis
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Posted 28th Jun 2019Posted 28th Jun 2019LocalLocal
Machine Car Wash - Super Shiny and Excellent value - £3.49 instore @ Londis
Shell/ Londis Shinfield local deal They are running a special offer on car wash ( Not Hand Car wash but machine ) Used it couple of time and super satisfied with clean and shiny … Read more

How on earth do you normally spend £22 on a machine car wash?!


Instore? I would love to see that one!


Only if you love swirl marks


If you at all care about the paintwork on your car never take It to a machine wash.

ORGANICS   Redbull Ginger Ale 250ml - 15p @ Londis
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Posted 29th Mar 2019Posted 29th Mar 2019LocalLocal
ORGANICS Redbull Ginger Ale 250ml - 15p @ Londis
Not sure if nationwide or not but usually are! Spotted in Limes Avenue, Chigwell.

Anyone remember red bull cola? They should bring that back.

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Onken Yogurt - Mango papaya & passionfruit 450g or natural set 500g, Was £1.69, Now 89p in store at Londis
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Posted 25th Jan 2019Posted 25th Jan 2019
Onken Yogurt - Mango papaya & passionfruit 450g or natural set 500g, Was £1.69, Now 89p in store at Londis
Mango papaya & passionfruit 450g or natural set 500g.

Just to mix it up a bit... Cold... No Dolby Atmos. ;) Heated (y)

Walkers Sensations 50p @ Londis
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Posted 3rd Jan 2019Posted 3rd Jan 2019
Walkers Sensations 50p @ Londis
Variety of sensations for 0.50! Includes Roasted Chicken And Thyme and Vintage Cheddar & Chutney Not sure if it is nation wide, but assuming so if someone could have a look at… Read more
Graze Boxes half price - 74p @ Londis
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Posted 31st Dec 2018Posted 31st Dec 2018LocalLocal
Graze Boxes half price - 74p @ Londis
Graze Flapjack Cocoa & Vanilla Protein, Veggie Protein Power, Smoky Barbecue Crunch - 28g-53g I believe you can get these cheaper in bulk at Amazon but I know some folks might… Read more
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Cadbury’s Dairy Milk 850g
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Posted 13th Dec 2018Posted 13th Dec 2018
Cadbury’s Dairy Milk 850g
Londis £6.99 Best price I can find

Make sure they are participating on Shop Small first. ;-) Plenty of Premier stores etc too. Budweiser for example, 12 bottles for £10 (yes higher than elsewhere), but only a fiver with credit. Plenty more, obviously. Good luck.


Good tip, thanks. Had forgotten about the Amex deal and will be popping round corner to Londis later to post a parcel so makes this a great deal - as long as they accept amex! :D


Not for the likes of Platinum Cashback card and others. Too late for this year, but usually a cashback from Quidco etc too.


Do you have to pay an annual fee for Amex?


If you have an Amex card and registered for Shop Small, worth considering a participating Londis shop. Obviously you'd have to spend another £3.01 or more to get £5 off a £10 spend credit.

Smirnoff Passionfruit & Lime Cider 330ml x 10 at £3.99 Londis
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Posted 3rd Apr 2018Posted 3rd Apr 2018LocalLocal
Smirnoff Passionfruit & Lime Cider 330ml x 10 at £3.99 Londis
In my local Londis in Southampton but I googled it and Bridgewater store are doing the same so definitely worth checking if there is one near you. Also in Raspberry and Pomegranate… Read more

Alternatively you could just drink some Jeyes Fluid.


Thanks for doing that


I googled "londis smirnoff cider" and their Facebook page came up.


Hi what bridgwater store is it in thanks


Sorry to hear that, good luck!

WEETABIX 24 pack £1.49@ Londis
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Posted 28th Jan 2018Posted 28th Jan 2018LocalLocal
WEETABIX 24 pack £1.49@ Londis
24 pack of original Weetabix £1.49 other offers in the link

I read that Weetabix "keeps you regular". Is that why they have the special offer on Andrex pictured next to it?


I thought Londis just sold cornettos




Good spot anyway op. Have heat


Is this offer on now?

117° Expired
Posted 24th Jan 2018Posted 24th Jan 2018LocalLocal
Avatardeleted4583380Get deal*Get deal*
Surf Classic Fresh 38 Washes Less than 1/2 price @ Londis. £3.75 was £10
180° Expired
Posted 17th Jan 2018Posted 17th Jan 2018
Surf Classic Fresh 38 Washes Less than 1/2 price @ Londis. £3.75 was £10
Surf Classic Fresh with Herbal Extracts. Was £10 at Londis now £3.75. Currently £9 at Morrisons. Lovely fresh scent at just under 10p/wash.
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decent deal. thanks OP!


Good price, although original price of £10 is a bit of a pi$$ take!! £5.50 in Sainsbury, and Surf is regularly around10p / wash.


Great deal below the magic 10p a wash

Skittles or starburst 125g-150g now 50p @ Londis
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Posted 3rd Jan 2018Posted 3rd Jan 2018
Skittles or starburst 125g-150g now 50p @ Londis
Tooth rot but cheap if you like them :) they also have innocent 250ml smoothies for 95p if you want to have some natural sugar :)

Starburst made to make you wonder why they changed the name.... ;)


Oooo sour skittles, best ones imo, gorgeous (y)


Yummy Opal fruits made to make you mouth water.....

Dairy Box Deluxe 400g 3.50 instore @ Londis
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Posted 17th Dec 2017Posted 17th Dec 2017LocalLocal
Dairy Box Deluxe 400g 3.50 instore @ Londis
400g Dairy Box Deluxe not much to add, it is chocolate and it is Deluxe whatever that means? anyway enjoy if you like them and give them to somebody you don't like if not :)

Just posted the contents if it helps :)


List of contents here just click on product info http://groceries.iceland.co.uk/dairy-box-deluxe-400g/p/58928


Same price at Premier Stores.


Perfect for a Christmas gift! Thanks OP


Great if you need a last minute present I guess.

Velvet Comfort Toilet Rolls x 9 £3 @ Londis were £6.25
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Posted 3rd Nov 2017Posted 3rd Nov 2017
Velvet Comfort Toilet Rolls x 9 £3 @ Londis were £6.25
Less than half price 3 ply embossed toilet tissue.
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Same price in Co op


Cold for me, I would never pay £6.25 for a 9 pack of toilet roll. £3 not bad but there are many cheaper deals to be found, One Stop usually do Andrex at £4 for a pack of 12 which is much softer

Walkers Crisps Variety 30 Box - £3.00 - Londis
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Posted 2nd Oct 2017Posted 2nd Oct 2017
Walkers Crisps Variety 30 Box - £3.00 - Londis
Just popped up no my Twitter feed, thought it was worth a share. Available at participating stores :) 8 x cheese & onion 8 x ready salted 7 x prawn cocktail 7 s… Read more
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Got them...typically unpriced in my local Londis


Now if only they could replace the Salt n Vinegar with Beef & Onion!




25 g is always the norm for multi pack Walkers and generally. So 10p a packet is a good price


Yeah, I think Farmfoods do the 40 for £3.99, too :)

Regina 9 roll toilet roll pack for £1.99 @ Londis
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Posted 6th Sep 2017Posted 6th Sep 2017LocalLocal
Regina 9 roll toilet roll pack for £1.99 @ Londis
The above offer at Londis stores

2 ply


Without the size and number of sheets it's impossible to know if this is a good deal as Regina rolls come in several sizes.


They make great Christmas presents Or maybe not (embarrassed)


Maybe be a bottom price?

Grenade Carb Killa bars Half Price £1.24 @ Londis
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Posted 11th Aug 2017Posted 11th Aug 2017
Grenade Carb Killa bars Half Price £1.24 @ Londis
Great deal as these are usually 2.49 each. The cheapest I've ever got them is £19 for 12 from Amazon, this comes in at £14.88 for 12.
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Decent price 🔥


Sounds a bit dangerous.


Is this nationwide?


Thanks, I missed that deal, but appears to have expired.


For your information: [ https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/grenade-carb-killa-launch-special-any-two-boxes-35-including-new-chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-flavour-wfree-delivery-2758261 ]