London Night Market Tickets
London Night Market Tickets

London Night Market Tickets

To book, please visit website and select which night. On the drop-down menu, select ‘Promotion,’ enter the code Competition and press ‘Send’, where the price will be changed.


Tickets ? for a market ? seriously...?
So buy a ticket, to spend money at a market? I can see this one going a bit cold...

Also, I don't think i'd like to be out in a market at night in London..... look what happened in borough market...

why the hell should I pay money to walk down a market. they should be paying us. vote cold

Thanks. Worth a try for me...

Thanks davelil.
Looks interesting.

Having to pay to get in to a food market is a joke, but a freebie is always good.

2 days, no trains to London, what a bummer.
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