London to Manchester by Rail JUST 11POUNDS (Each Way)* @ The Train Line

London to Manchester by Rail JUST 11POUNDS (Each Way)* @ The Train Line

Found 30th Dec 2010
Virgin Trains is offering seats on the popular London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly route for £11 each way. Tickets on this route regularly cost around £60 for a return trip.

The offer is available for off-peak travel Monday to Friday until 4 March, and we found good availability on £11 tickets throughout the period. The price is valid in both directions.

You'll need to have a WAP-enabled mobile phone in order to receive the ticket confirmation.
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Mobitix gave me a lot of troubles. I couldn't register my iPhone cause it said that is was not compatible. I get my tickets from here It also includes the £11 tickets and is not limited to Monday-Friday, weekends too! Tickets are sent to email and can be printed at home so no need to have that WAP enabled phone.
Thats good thing with printing this tickets thanks Ilikedeals
Nice one... Good to see an offer going both ways. I'd hate to get stuck in Larndan!?! Heheh.
Is it guaranteed standing all way? Be a bit boring if I could sit down.
Anyone ever used this offer for a day return?
The scheming so & so's offer out @ 5.30 am & return @ 4pm so no evening show & you get there when everything is shut.
Poor deal

Is it guaranteed standing all way? Be a bit boring if I could sit down.

I would have thought nominated train = reserved seat - thats the normal chi, but in these crazy days who knows!
The problem with this deal is you have to go to Manchester. And London.

This is not a "deal" they have been doing this for years, you just have to book in advance. Cold!…ts/


Birmingham to London


(save £37.30)

London to Manchester


(save £57.50)

Bristol to London


(save £21.00)

London to Liverpool


(save £57.50)
well i live in manchester ,so il be making use of this HOT from me

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always this price if you book early enough, usualy about 2-3 months in advance.
As people have said, the tickets are always this price. They only have very limited numbers on Friday's and at times you'd actually want to travel, but this is only to be expected (of course this is the case -- they want to fill up their non-full trains). Also, The Trainline charge you a booking fee, where going through the virgin site they don't. So not really that hot a deal imo.
been this price forever, not a deal
have you tried guy something called...hum...Mega bus.they run same service cheaper,so may end up travelling on Virgin train for. £1 +50p Booking fee.
This was advertised on MSE a while ago.
I take no credit for that.
worth to try.
Virgin charge a £1 delivery fee for posting your tickets first class these days but if you use another companies website (I use First Transpennine) when you book your Virgin tickets you get access to the exact same tickets / same database but avoid paying the delivery charges.
find the cheap tickets and then book on the london midland website you can find the cheap tickets easier on the train line website using their cheap fare finder app on their website under tools i think
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