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FREE Royal Coin from The London Mint - £2.50 p&p
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
The London Mint Office are offering a FREE platinum wedding coin to celebrate the Queen and Prince Philip’s platinum wedding anniversary - you won't want to miss out on this exclus… Read more

Exclusive to the company? not available from any other outlet. Is how i would take it, cant see an issue with the terminology.


Can this be melted down?


You will also be hounded by them to buy coins via junk mail, my father in law fell foul of this in the past with these people.


But they are often a limited edition!!* *of one per household haha


In fairness are the royal mint much better with there confusing legal tender jargon. They've miss sold coins to a lot if people recently telling banks to no longer accept them. They only just recently updated the website. Bet a few folks on here might be stuck with these £100 coins

Free Battle of Hastings 950th Anniversary Medal (£2.50 p&p, but ...receive £2.87 Cashback from TCB
Found 17th Feb 2017Found 17th Feb 2017 Get deal link goes direct , so use the above link to TCB.. Claim your free solid bron… Read more

Has anybody payed for there coin yet ?


got my coin and album yesterday cashback tracked thanks


surely after 500 years they should only really recognise centenary's?


​I weigh up the risks. Quidco are by far the better bet.


These offers really annoy me. They tempt you with "free" coin and cashback and as you progress through the ordering process they then dangle further so-called unmissable deals associated with the coin which if taken up will leave you having paid not far short of £30.

Battle of Britain competitive coin -free just pay postage
Found 24th Dec 2015Found 24th Dec 2015
Coin is free just pay postage - layered in silver not bad piece This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, the RAF's finest hour. The Royal Air Forces Associat… Read more
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​ Get in touch with watchdog and trading standards, ring then up again and tell them, bet they soon start to back track.


never buy from London Mint as sent me a random coin & said i owe them £49 even though it was a 'free coin' in beginning, but sent it back afterwards & kept proof of my returns. ... dont waste your time people


Went for it, not having read these posts. Oops. Selected pay after delivery expecting paypal to come up. But it didn't. Anyone know what happens next? I certainly don't want to be inundated with junk mail or more coins.


Not worth the hassle. I had been sent loads of coins after a different so called free coin. But what if they send you one that they expect you to pay more than £50 for do you have to pay insurance sending through the post?


You have to make sure you dont accept any more coins when you recieve this and you will never get off their junk mail list!

FREE Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Commemorative + £2.50 Postage @ The London Mint Office
Found 11th Oct 2015Found 11th Oct 2015
This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, the RAF's finest hour. The Royal Air Forces Association is delighted to reveal its official Battle of Britain 75th an… Read more

Excellent pressie for my father for Xmas. Ordered the presentation folder and the book to go with it! Thanks

threemonkeys123 Just ignore them the above link explains.


Aren't these people dodgy? This review seems to back up this company's business practices. "I recently sent off for the 'free' Britannia Penny for my 11 year old son. When it arrived it came with another coin, a Thrupenny bit, and I was advised that this would cost £29.95 if I wanted to keep it. Obviously I didnt want it and tried calling the London Mint to find out where I had to return it to. After hanging on the phone for 30 mins, I decided to send an email. The reply I got stated that I had to take it to the post office and get a receipt for the returned item. Not living too near to a post off and being at work every day made this difficult so I decided to send the cheque for the £2.50 postage in with the same envelope as the coin. Surely then if the cheque was cashed then that would mean that the envelope had been received?? I have today received a request from the London Mint Office for £29.95. I phoned them up, spoke to a lady called Jennifer, was told by her that the parcel had not been received by them. I got very irate when you kept saying the same thing over and over again when I tried to explain that the cheque that was cashed was in the same envelope as the coin!! Jennifer said that because I was getting a little worked up, she could end the call whenever she felt it was necessary and for me to 'lose the attitude'. Anyway, after speaking to the Team Leader I am now in the situation where I have to email her the order confirmation so she can prove to me that it stated that the other coin would be sent with the Penny. Please could anyone help me with this and advise a way round it??"


not free as you need to add pnp £2.95 also you have to skip 6 pages of sell


£2.50 p&p, so not entirely free. Nice for a collector though :)

Free Waterloo medal Postage is £2.50 @ London Mint Office
Found 14th Mar 2015Found 14th Mar 2015
Your FREE Waterloo Campaign Medal In 1815, the bravery and gallantry of the ‘Waterloo Men’ changed our history forever. To celebrate the bicentenary of this defining moment, a com… Read more

Who cares, its a coin I can afford. They do cancel orders I have done it. Coins from the Royal Mint or London Mint. Both are round, both have the queens head, both have a denomination, so what !!!!!!!!!! They are really good.


I did get mine eventually...


ordered the medal before christmas 14, still waiting,


Is there a French Hot Deals site we can post this on? ? (the extra F is left up to your imagination)


"My recycling bag is full of their leaflets" .................You should empty it ever so often!!

FREE Waterloo Campaign Medal £2.50 P&P @ London Mint Office
Found 12th Feb 2015Found 12th Feb 2015
FREE Waterloo Campaign Medal In 1815, the bravery and gallantry of the ‘Waterloo Men’ changed our history forever. To celebrate the bicentenary of this defining moment, a commemor… Read more
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husband ex raf and i am member of rbl and proud of i


I ordered one from the mint paid the postage received the coin and had nothing else forced on me


I was pointing out that it has been posted before and it stinks! X)


The link you posted is over a month old and is therefore allowed to be reposted. But other than that, I think this deal stinks, if it is actually a deal.


that has been illegal for ages though?

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from the observer - Medals reissued for Waterloo anniversary Waterloo 200 organisation will produce 500,000 replicas as part of events to mark anniversary of Wellington’s victory...


Only veterans of that particular battle should be allowed this medal IMHO.


So it appears the OP wanted the deal removed, presumably due to the comments on it being a scam and.... epic modding. Please correct me if i'm wrong.


Once you have the freebie, they send out further items whether you want them or not, hence the credit limit. Unsurprisingly they are notoriously difficult to contact to cancel, or their systems are down or there are loads of other reasons why they can't access your account just then to cancel, and you end up owing hundreds of pounds before you know it. Also, the items are not worth what they say they are. Many, many people have fallen foul so I strongly advise doing some reading before jumping on the freebie. Some things are just not worth it.


just had a look at the terms and conditions, why do they give you a credit limit for? and what, s with all the late payment charges? seems like a scam but correct me if im wrong.

FREE Waterloo Campaign Medal just pay £2.50 delivery @ London Mint
Found 12th Nov 2014Found 12th Nov 2014
In 1815, the bravery and gallantry of the ‘Waterloo Men’ changed our history forever. To celebrate the bicentenary of this defining moment, a commemorative Waterloo Campaign Medal … Read more
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After weeks of watching the tv advert today I thought ok I will apply for one.Having read the comments posted here it would appear an unwise thing to do.Thankyou to everyone who took the time to post their warnings.


If it sounds too good to be true......


Got a few surveys, truth be told, but I just tell them to naff off


I have to say I got this through TCB with a small profit after cashback. Cashback was received nice & quick, no problems.


I have the bronze 200 medal and booklet? with room for 5 extra medals what are they and the cost?

50% discount on £5 coin @ The London Mint Office
Found 19th Mar 2013Found 19th Mar 2013
In case you are numismatist you may find this an interesting deal. St George and the Dragon £5 gold plated coin worth £14.95 (usually £29.95) so its 50% disount plus 10% cashback… Read more
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Does anybody want to buy my crisp new £20 notes? I'm selling them at a knock down price of £60 each. As an introductory offer the first 5 people to buy can have them for £50 each. I'm literally giving them away at this price, and includes free delivery.


You would have more of a chance selling After Eight mints than these mints! :p


thanks got 10 for eBay


Anyone ever pay 20p to 'stretch a penny'? (ok quite different but there's a similarity somewhere! Ok how about a gold plated turd??)


There's one born every minute!