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Long Hot Water Bottle 2L with Soft Fleece Cover in Grey - £4.99 (+£2.95 Delivery) @ Roov

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Posted 7th Apr 2022

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Long Hot Water Bottle 2L with Soft Fleece Cover in Grey

During those long, cold autumn and winter months or even on those rainy summer days it can be tricky keeping yourself cosy and comfortable regardless of being at home, in your car or at work. The 72CM Long Hot Water Bottle by Pukkr is just what you need to keep you warm during those cold and rainy days. Thanks to its longer length, you can heat up a much bigger space than with any normal water bottle and keep multiple areas warm at once without having to switch the position of your hot water bottle. It comes with a super soft fleece cover which can be removed but ensures a more comfortable feeling when snuggling up in your bed or on your sofa.


1. You can pour up to 2L in the hot water bottle, but make sure you don’t pour more than two-thirds of the hot water in
2. Extrude the excess air from the bottle after pouring the hot water
3. Screw on the cap tightly and turn the bottle upside down momentarily to ensure you have screwed the lid on tightly


The hot water bottle has a long, thin shape, perfect for covering any sore areas and relieving aches and pains around your body. Lay the water bottle on your shoulders to tackle neck and shoulder pain, place it behind you on your chair when sitting down to relieve lower back injuries or put it on your lap to keep your belly warm.


You have different options for using this water bottle, either fill it up with hot water to keep you warm and help you relieve aches and pains or fill it with cold water. If filled with cold water it works excellent as a cold pack to reduce swelling and other maladies.

For safety please do not fill with water over 80 degrees.


Size: 72cm x 12cm
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    Bought one from homebargains for the Mrs, scolded her on the first attempt as air lock due to narrow opening and length. Scary things these are.
  2. Avatar
    Emily_Troop07/04/2022 21:47

    Has anyone here got one before, any good? Never brought from this site.

    I bought one and the sleeve is so thin I think it's dangerous. I binned mine (edited)
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    Has anyone here got one before, any good?
    Never brought from this site.
  4. Avatar
    Delivery is NOT free`
  5. Avatar
    Read the negative reviews